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The following Mexican kashrus notice is from KMD on May 24, 2011.

Los siguientes productos de la Palma quedan autorizados como Kosher Mehadrin: Chamukito, Chamukito de exportación, Fresiux, Hojitas enchiladas, Papaya en trozo deshidratada, Piña core dice 5 mm, Piña trozo endulzada deshidratada, Tam bola chile, Tamarindo enchilado 40 y 80 grs., Chabanito, Chabanito de exportación, Fresa deshidratada, Mangogo, Mangogo de exportación, Mangogo Mini, Mangoloso, Mangoloso de exportación, Pica piña, Pica piña de exportación, Pistacho con cáscara.
Translation: The following La Palma products are certified Kosher Mehadrin: Chamukito, Chamukito for export, Fresiux, Hojitas enchiladas, dried papaya in pieces, 5 mm. pineapple core, dried, sweetened pineapple pieces, Tam bola chile, Tamarindo enchilado 40 and 80 gms, Chabanito, Chabanito for export, dried strawberries, mangogo, mangogo for export, mini mangogo, mangoloso, mangoloso for export, pica piña, pica piña for export, and pistachios with their shells.

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