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Time bombs: Carriers, shippers do little to protect perishables

July 11, 2017 from the FoodSafetyNews:

There are "virtually no regulations covering virtual food sales." "Home delivery of perishable foods is a mega disaster in the making if businesses don’t step up and do the right thing. "Consumers don’t perceive a risk and they aren’t looking for it." "Industry should be proactive and pack (home-delivered foods) for the worst case scenario, not the best case scenario, which is what they are doing now."
Researchers tested delivery of perishables by ording raw meat and fish. "Almost half of the food orders — 47 percent — arrived at temperatures above 40 degrees F. This is "the top limit of the safe temperature zone where pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella thrive. Some of the foods were measured at 75 degrees." The researchers also found that the packaging, labeling and method for cooling were not appropriate.

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Cow is the cheapest milk and the most common adulterant

July 11.,2017 from the Food Navigator:

ProGnosis Biotech, a company that produces tests for milk aduteration said that higher priced milks such as from goat or sheet are often fraudulently adulterated with mik from a lower priced species such as cow. This is done in Europe. In India that water, calcium or urea are used as milk aduterants.

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The Gruesome Truth About Lab-Grown Meat

July 11, 2017 from the Slate.com:

Currently all lab-grown meat uses fetal bovine serum.Fetal bovine serum "is a byproduct made from the blood of cow fetuses. If a cow coming for slaughter happens to be pregnant, the cow is slaughtered and bled, and then the fetus is removed from its mother and brought into a blood collection room. The fetus, which remains alive during the following process to ensure blood quality, has a needle inserted into its heart. Its blood is then drained until the fetus dies, a death that usually takes about five minutes. This blood is then refined, and the resulting extract is FBS."
"Cultured meat grown in a lab is made from bovine cells that grow in a petri dish to ultimately produce a substance that is meatlike enough to market as a burger." FBS contains growth factors and is a useful way to grow cells cultures ang growing cultured meat. Using it also defeats the purpose of creating cultured meat.

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Dutch Jewish organisation signs agreement with Minister to safeguard the continuation of Sechita in the country

July 6, 2017 from the EJPress:

"NIK, the Organisation of Jewish Communities in the Netherlands, has signed an agreement with the Dutch Minister of Agriucuture which will guarantee the right to continue ritual slaughter of aniamls in the country."
"The agreement, an annex to the 2012 treaty regarding slaughter according to religious rights, was signed by the NIK President Jonathan Soesman and General Director Ruben Vis, together with representatives of the slaughter industry and the Muslim community."
"The treaty and addendum will be put into a new regulation which comes into force January 1 2018, enabling and guaranteeing the continuation of the right to exercise Shechita in the Netherlands."

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Kashrus information on FRESH BOX FARMS Hydroponically Grown products

June 30, 2017 from the KVH

FRESH BOX FARMS PRODUCTS, Millis, MA are grown in a state of the art HYDROPONIC indoor facility.
Unlike other Kosher certified produce that requires washing and/or checking to remove natural occurring insect infestation, Fresh Box Farms has controls in place under strict KVH Kosher supervision that prevent any type of insect infestation.
As with any kosher product, always check to ensure the (KVH) kosher symbol is displayed
Please Note: Since this hydropnic produce is not grown in soil there are opinions that maintain that the blessing of בורא פרי האדמה is no longer applicable and שהכל נהיה בדברו should be recited instead.
Please consult with your personal Halachik authority to determine how to best proceed.
There is no Halachik need to wash and check the produce.
Fresh Box Farms products are currently available at:

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Belgian Regional Parliament Passes Law Banning Kosher Slaughter

June 29, 2017: from the Algemeiner:

"The parliament in Flanders, the predominantly Flemish-speaking province of Belgium, voted by a near-unanimous majority to ban the ritual slaughter of animals on Wednesday."
"Only one deputy in the regional parliament voted against the measure, which will require animals slaughtered for human consumption to be stunned first — a rule that violates the religious laws for preparing both kosher and halal meat products."
"The vote comes one month after the same measure was passed by the parliament in Wallonia, the country’s French-speaking region."

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Food Poisoning Alert From Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital

June 19, 2017: from the YeshivaWorld:

"Mayanei HaYeshua Hospital in Bnei Brak on Monday morning 25 Sivan released a food poisoning alert after treating a number of patients suffering from salmonella as a result of easting infected tehina in different unconnected instances."
"In addition, there were several cases of extended families and community members who participated in the celebrations. The common denominator in all cases was that those who ate tehina (from a specific company) were ill and others were not harmed."

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‘Kosher' and non-kosher meat products made in same factory under Jerusalem Rabbinate supervision

June 19, 2017: from the Jerusalem Post:

The Bisan factory in the Atorot Industrial Zone in Jerusalem was found to be using non-kosher meat to make processed meat products such as sausages, salamis and cold cuts with a kashrut license from the Jerusalem Rabbinate."In addition, the kashrut inspector at the factory knew of this situation but continued to allow the factory to operate in this manner while granting it a kashrut license and failing to report the situation to the Jerusalem Rabbinate or the Chief Rabbinate."
"Furthermore, the inspector knew the factory had no designated kashrut supervisor from the Jerusalem Rabbinate, meaning that the plant was entirely without physical kashrut supervision for a period of at least 18 months."
"Kashrut supervisors are appointed by local rabbinates to be physically present at a food business for at least one hour a day, while kashrut inspectors oversee the correct functioning of numerous kashrut supervisors at numerous businesses."
The factory in question is the Bisan plant in the Atarot Industrial Zone in Jerusalem. Some of its products are marketed under the 'Beit Shean' brand, while other products simply bear the name 'Bisan.'"
A statement distributed by the Chief Rabbinate’s Kashrut Enforcement Division instructed consumers who are concerned about kashrut not to purchase the products and to report establishments that are selling them.
"According to one well-placed source, the factory was producing kosher products during one half of the week and nonkosher products during the other half. Therefore, the source said it was not yet clear if nonkosher meat was used in the products intended for the kosher market."
"According to the source in the Jerusalem Rabbinate, the situation was discovered when one of its kashrut supervisors noticed that Bisan products had a kashrut stamp when he knew for certain that no kashrut supervisor was working at the factory."
"He then informed a kashrut inspector he knew about the situation who, in turn, alerted the Chief Rabbinate’s unit for kashrut fraud, which, together with agents from the Health Ministry, raided the factory earlier this month and confiscated and destroyed 10 tons of poultry meat."
"Tens of thousands of counterfeit kashrut labels were also found and confiscated."

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Ingredient Kashrus alert on sugar from grapes

June 19, 2017: from the editor:

An Italian company, Naturalia Ingredients is producing sugar from grapes. This product would be stam yayin and would require kosher certification.

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6 Tons Of Black Market Veal And Lamb Apprehended In Time In Israel

June 15, 2017: from the YeshivaWorld:

"Six tons of veal & lamb was confiscated by inspectors in Israel, meat that was suspected to be severely tainted, lacking any veterinary or halachic supervision. It is believed the meat in question were slaughtered after they were poisoned."
"Border police moved in on Wednesday morning 20 Sivan in Tamra, in the Lower Galil. It is believed the meats were poisoned and then slaughtered. poisoned due to a dispute which is under investigation but the owner nevertheless planned to sell the meat, which needless to say is unfit for human consumption."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W586
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