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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following information is from the Star K Flash Facts

Hillview Packaging Prune Juice Concentrate bears an unauthorized OK-P. It should not be used on Pesach.

Honey Brook Margarine bears an unauthorized OU-P. It should not be used on Pesach.

Gideon Armenian Braided String Cheese, distributed by Ahava Dairies, was mistakenly labeled with the Star-KP symbol. The Star-K certified product is Kosher for year round use, but not for Passover. Products bearing a RED LABEL, stating STAR-KP SPECIAL PASSOVER PRODUCTION, are acceptable for Pesach.

Clarification of Passover Labels: Fantastic All Purpose Cleaner is OU certified and Kosher for Passover even without the OU on the label.

Some of the Ann's House of Nuts special Star-K Kosher for Passover walnuts list BHT in corn oil on the regular label. BHT is not applied on any of Ann's House of Nuts walnuts. The label was printed in error.

Kitniyos Clarification: Anise & Caraway are technically not kitniyos. However, the custom is not to use them on Pesach, like kitniyos, because they are difficult to check for extraneous grains that may be mixed with them. Coriander seeds are also not kitniyos. If they have been carefully segregated from other grains before Pesach, they may be used.

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