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Passover Kashrut Alerts

Passover Soda information

Coke in many markets will be certified OU-P on the cap.

Pepsi products bear a KP or Kof-K-P.

The following Passover information is from the Chicago Rabbinical Council for Passover, 2004.
Chicago area:

  • Canfield Seltzer (unflavored) 2 liter and 12 oz. cans, Old Towne Seltzer (unflavored) 2 liter
  • Coke & Pepsi: The following are acceptable only when bearing cRc and P-04: Coca Cola 12 oz. cans, Diet Coke 12 oz. cans, Sprite 12 oz. cans, Pepsi 2 liter bottles, Diet Pepsi 2 liter bottles . (Some Pesach certified labels may list "corn syrup and/or sugar" on the label. The bottling company prints labels in this manner to allow the same label to be used year-round. All cRc Pesach certified product are free of any kitniyos._
  • The following are acceptable when bearing cRc-P: Stone Creek (regular and diet) 20 oz.
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