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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover alert is from the Kosherquest.org for Passover, 2005 with some additions from the editor.

Many Kitniyos products on the market are certified as Kosher, especially from France and other European countries. These Kitniyos products are often in the form of candym snacks and canned goods. Many of these products will say “LeOchlay Kitniyos”, but not all, such as Affula Sunflower Seeds etc.which is stamped “Kosher for Pesach” under the certification of Rabbi Gavriel Cohen. These are meant only for those Sephardim who have the Minhag to eat Kitniyos.

ed. note: The following are additional kitniot products:

  • Olivia Gourmet Sauces and Salad Dressings: Label states OU- not for Passover; top of Jar, Kosher for Passover- kitniot.
  • Ethnic Delights- Pesto
  • Bamba Peanut Snacks
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