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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover information is from the OV for Passover, 2005.

Some general Pesach product information:

  • Play dough is Chometz.
  • Some national "kosher" brands produce Pesach and non-Pesach foods. Be sure to look for Pesach certification on Goodmans, Osem, Mrs. Alder's, Rokeach, Streits, Season, Victor, Manischewitz, Mothers, Horowitz-Margareten, Friendship, Breakstone, Carmel and Telma.
  • Powdered rice cereals should be considered chometz as they may be produced on chometz equipment.
  • Baby food jars (i.e. fruits & vegetables) should be considered chometz as they may have been produced on chometz equipment.
  • Elastics and rubber bands used with braces may be coated with cornstarch (even though no mention of cornstarch may appear on the package) and should be rinsed well under cold water before use during Passover.
  • Balloons may have a powdered coating on the inside and should not be blown up by mouth during Passover.
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