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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover alert is from the cRc and the OU for Passover, 2005.

Cocoa Powder Alert: It has recently come to the attention of the cRc that there are plants in Europe that add citric acid (which may be kitniyos or chametz) to alter the PH level. Based on this, the cRc has removed cocoa powder from the "Products Not Requiring Supervision" list. Cocoa powder should only be purchased with a Passover symbol or if it could be verified that the powder was not processed in Europe.

The OU passover guide lists the following as not needing a Passover hecksher:

  • COCOA POWDER  DE ZAAN, Pure Cocoa (except for those that have a “SOL” Designation), ADM Cocoa Div. of ADM Co., Tarrytown, NY
  • HERSHEY CHOCOLATE, Hershey Foods Corp., Hershey, PA
  • NESTLE PETERS, Nestle USA Beverage Division, Glendale, CA
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