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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover information is from the Chicago Rabbinical Council on April 17, 2005.

The following additional products have been found to be chometz free: Blistex: lip balm, lip ointment, silk and shine, complete moisture, fruit smoothies. Gas-X extra strength gel, w/ Maalox.Triaminic: cold & allergy liquid, cold & cough liquid, cough & congestion liquid, cough liquid.

From the countless calls on perfumes and deodorants, this a short list that many consumers have asked about and (particularly the spray deodorants for Shabbos use) are fine to use: Gillette Series Aerosol Body Spray [All], Right Guard Extreme Cool Spray Aeroso Antiperspirant, Tag Aerosol Body Spray [All], Right Guard Xtreme Cool Spray Aerosol Antipers [All], Right Guard Xtreme Aerosol Body Spray, Chanel Chanel Fragrances (All), Estee Lauder Cologne, Perfume, Revlon Fragrances, Ultima II Fragrances, Ultima II Sheer Scent.

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