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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover notice is from the cRc dated April 11, 2008.

The cRc does not certify any products ad kosher for Pesach if they contain kitnios, and therefore since soy is kitnios we cannot certify any soy milks for Pesach. Nevertheless, there are individuals whose doctors order them to consume soy milk, and under many circumstances the halacha allows such people to consume kitnios (after receiving permission from their Rabbi) assuming the product does not contain any true chametz.
In recognition of this need, the cRc is able to recommend Vitasoy Ethnic Original Soy Milk for such individuals. (Please note that other Vitasoy products contain barley (chamatz) and therefore the recommendation is limited to the Ethnic variety.
This year, the cRc has researched several other brands, and of those it has found two varieties which to the best of our research abilities, do not appear to present any chametz isues. Those two varieits are Silk Plain and Silk Vanilla, both of which are only recommmended when sold in a 1 lliter container. These two varieties are also sold under the Starbucks name.

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