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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover information regarding frozen fish is from the OU posted on March 18, 2009.

Frozen fish that contain any ingredient other than fish (except for water and salt) require special Passover certification. Fish that contains no other ingredient other than fish (except for salt and water) does not require special Passover certification.
Ed. note from a reader's question to the OU: The Kirkland Frozen Salmon (from Costco) with an OU is acceptable for use on Passover.
From the Kof-K: The following items are KOF-K Kosher for Passover even without special Passover designation: C Worthy Frozen Raw Salmon- only unseasoned Wholley Whiting Fish Fillets with skin Great Fish Company Frozen Whiting with Skin

The following Passover information regarding canned salmon is from the cRc.
Pillar Rock canned Salmon is accepted for Pesach use, even without the Pesach certification on the label. The Salmon in pouches is not recommended for Pesach.

The Kashrus Status of Raw Fish on Pesach by Rabbi Fishbane of the cRc.

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