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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover alert is from the UOS on April 7, 2009.
We have received queries from people who inadvertently used Telma soup cubes with the OU Hechsher but were not marked OU P. The non-Pesach product looks almost identical to the Pesach product. We have been in contact with the Rabbi who is responsible for the Kashrut of Unilever in Israel who says that it may contain actual Chometz (yeast extract) which is a flavour enhancer. Any products prepared with such cubes may not be eaten on Pesach. Vessels used before Pesach are unaffected.
Always check each and every item you buy to make sure it carries a Pesach Hechsher from a reliable Kashrut authority – even if you find it on the “Pesach” shelves of the supermarket.

The following Passover information is from the cRc, the Koshergram and the editor for Passover 2009.

Do not assume that when making a purchase at a non- kosher certified store that the products you are buying are free of chometz, or even kosher. Finding it in "the kosher aisle" is meaningless in these stores, as there is no guarantee that the store clerk did not place the product on the shelf in error. There is also no guarantee that another shopper did not place one of the items they intended to buy but changed their mind, in the kosher section after changing their mind. Many packages look alike. Please inspect each individual item that you are purchasing for a reliable kosher and/or kosher L’Pesach certification.

Some kosher brands with almost identical labels for Passover and non-Passover products are Telma soup mixes and cubes, Osem, Gefen, Haddar, Manischewitz, Empire and Aaron's.

ed. note: Many food producers, supermarkets, restaurants and caterers are advertising "Passover" products that ARE NOT KOSHER and are therefore not certified as kosher for Pasover. I received an email from Charles Chocolates advertising their Passover products that after investigation are not certified as kosher.

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