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Passover Kashrut Alerts

The following Passover information on nuts posted on April 2, 2015.

From the Scroll-K: Midget Pecans and Pecan Pieces are soaked in an alcohol bath to remove insects. These pieces should NOT be used for Pesach. Whole and half pecans can be produced "Kosher for Passover".

From the cRc: Whole, slivered, or chopped nuts are acceptable without Passover Certification whether in or out of the shell, except if they are (a) blanched or roasted (all varieties), (b) finely ground into a powder, such as almond flour, (c) contain BHT or BHA, (d) shelled pecans (all varieties), or (e) peanuts (which are kitnios).

From the OU: Raw nuts in their shell do not require Passover certification.
Shelled nuts that list BHA or BHT (preservatives) in the ingredients require special Passover certification. They are sprayed on the nuts using corn derivatives (kitniyot). If no additives are added, they may be used without special Passover certification.

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