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Passover Kashrut Alerts

Washing off fresh meat before use on Passover

March 22, 2017 - Revised by the Star-K : Washing off fresh meat, without KFP certification, before use on Passover March 16, 2017 - The following is an answer from the Star-K to the question as to why they are recommending rinsing off of meat, w/o KFP certification, purchased prior to Passover: "By USDA rule, many places are using an antibacterial rinse on the meat that may be produced from Kitniyos. Additionally, the vacuum bag the meat is packaged in might be lined with cornstarch for easier handling during production. Although these items are nullified, we still suggest rinsing off the meat."

Ed note: Washing raw meat and poultry makes it more likely for bacteria to spread to areas around the sink and countertops from splashing and spraying water. Consider sanitizing around and in the sink after rinsing the meat to reduce the chances of becoming sick from the bacteria on the meat.

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