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Passover Kashrut Alerts

Passover information on oils

Passover information on virgin coconut oil

April 3, 2017 and February 19, 2018 from the OU Webinar and OU Passover General Information and confirmed by the OU for 2018:

Virgin (unrefined, cold-pressed) coconut oil with an OU is acceptable for Pesach without a "P". (no added ingredients)

Passover information on Chosen Foods Virgin Avocado Oil

March 9, 2018 from OU in response to a reader's question:

Only the Chosen Foods Virgin Avocado Oil is acceptable for Passover with the OU symbol. See attached picture.

Note: Passover information is valid for Passover 2018 only.

From the OU on March 7, 2018: Virgin Avocado Oil, is acceptable when bearing the regular OU symbol.

Passover information on Nutriva Virgin Red Palm Oil

March 14, 2018 from the OU in response to a reader's question:

Unrefined Nutriva Red Palm oil is acceptable for Passover with the OU symbo.

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