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The following is an update to the list of Medications/Vitamins/Supplements from Rabbi Bess of the Kollel Los Angeles. To get a full copy of the Guide contact the Kollel office at 323-933-7193


Each product is preceded with a code to identify the manufacturer. Some products are preceded by an asterisk [*]. This signifies that the product *may or does* contain a Chometz ingredient. This listing is for *Passover 5766 (2006)* only, and cannot be relied upon for forthcoming years, since there are changes in product processing and suppliers.

Codes for Companies

AMW Amway Corporation

JNSN Janssen Pharm.

LEIN Leiner Health Products

NVCH Novartis Consumer Health

PENN Penn Laboratories, LLC

SCH Schering-Plough Corp.

SP Sanofi Pasteur Inc.

SPRC Sepracor


AMW Artistry AHA Body Refiner Moisturiser

AMW Artistry Body Refining Firming Gel

AMW Artistry Bright Idea Illuminating Essence

AMW Artistry Light Reflective Lotions

AMW * Body Series Hand & Body Lotion

AMW * Nature Shower Hand & Body Lotion

AMW * Tolsom Men's Skin Protective Lotion w/SPF 15


AMW Body Series Clear Solid Deodorant

AMW Body Series Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Pump

AMW Body Series Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

AMW Body Series Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

AMW Body Series Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Stick

AMW Body Series Invisible Solid Deodorant A-Pers. Stick


AMW Artistry Effortless Eye Pencil

AMW Artistry Eye Colour Refill

AMW Artistry Fineliner

AMW Artistry Replenishing Eye Crème

AMW Artistry Smudgeproof Mascara

AMW Artistry Softsticks For Brows

AMW Artistry Softsticks For Eyes

AMW Artistry Thick or Thin Eyeliner

AMW Artistry Waterproof Mascara


AMW * Artistry Alpha Hydroxy Serum Plus, E-8006

AMW * Artistry Blemish Control Acne Treatment, EE-176

AMW Artistry Clarifying Balancing Moisturiser

AMW * Artistry Clarifying Foaming Cleanser

AMW Artistry Clarifying Oil Control Toner

AMW Artistry Delicate Care Calming Moisturiser

AMW Artistry Delicate Care Cleanser

AMW Artistry Delicate Care Toner

AMW Artistry Eye & Lip Makeup Cleansing Gel

AMW * Artistry Eye & Lip Make-up Remover, E-4662

AMW Artistry Matte Finish Gel

AMW Artistry Moisture Intense Masque

AMW Artistry Moisture Rich Protective Moisturiser

AMW Artistry Moisture Rich Refreshing Toner

AMW Artistry Moisture Rich Vitalising Cleanser

AMW Artistry Polishing Scrub

AMW Artistry Pore Cleansing Masque

AMW * Artistry Skin Refinishing Lotion

AMW Artistry Time Defiance Daytime Protection

AMW * Artistry Time Defiance Intensive Repair Serum

AMW Artistry Tme Defiance Nighttime Renewal Crème

AMW Artistry Tme Defiance Nighttime Renewal Lotion

AMW * Atristry Vitamin C + Wild Yam Treatment

AMW Body Series Complexion Bar

AMW * Tolsom Men's Facial Cleansing Foam

AMW * Tolsom Men's Skin Smoothing Gel


AMW * Satinique Daily Balance 2 In 1

AMW * Satinique Dandruff Control Hair Cleanser, E-5060

AMW * Satinique Defining Pomade

AMW * Satinique Detangler [All]

AMW * Satinique Extra Design Styling Gel

AMW * Satinique Final Step Finishing Spray

AMW * Satinique Gentle Daily Hair Cleanser

AMW * Satinique Hair Cleansers [All}

AMW * Satinique Hair Repair Masque

AMW Satinique Hi Gloss Serum

AMW * Satinique Leave In Protector

AMW * Satinique Lock & Hold Syling Spritz

AMW * Satinique Moisturising Detangler

AMW * Satinique Pomade

AMW * Satinique Revitalising Hair Cleanser

AMW * Satinique Sculpting Spray Gel

AMW * Satinique Volumising Detangler

AMW * Satinique Volumising Hair Cleanser

AMW * Satinique Volumising Mousse


AMW Artistry Glossy Lip Shine

AMW * Artistry Jumbo Lip Pencils

AMW Artistry Lip & Cheek Pencils

AMW Artistry Matte Finish Top Coat

AMW Artistry Perfect Moisture Lip Colour

AMW Artistry Sheer Lip Colours with SPF 15

AMW * Artistry Softsticks for Lips


AMW Artistry Absolute Oil-Control Foundation

AMW Artistry Enhancing Concealer

AMW Artistry Featherlight Maximum Foundation

AMW * Artistry Intensive Repair System

AMW Artistry Loose Powders and Bronzers

AMW Artistry Powder Blush Refill

AMW Artistry Self Defining Sheer Foundation

AMW Artistry Time Defiance Hydroplenish Foundation

AMW Artistry Ultimate Coverage Concealer

AMW Artistry Versatile Matte Powder Foundation


AMW Glister Multi-Action Oral Rinse Mint Flavor

AMW Glister Refresher Spray Cinnamon Flavored, Mint


AMW Artistry Cuticle & Nail Conditioner

AMW Artistry Glossy Top Coat

AMW Artistry Nail Colour

AMW Artistry Nail Colour Base Coat

AMW Artistry Nail Colour Remover Towelettes


AMW * Tolsom Men's After Shave Splash

AMW Tolsom's Shave Gel


AMW Artistry Spa Collection Foaming Body Wash

AMW Artistry Spa Collection Sugar Scrub

AMW Body Series 4 in 1 Family Bar Soap

AMW Body Series Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap

AMW * Body Series Refreshing Body Wash

AMW Body Series Rich Foaming Bath


AMW Glister Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste


JNSN Aciphex Delayed Release Tablets

SP Ambien

SP Aralen Tablets

NVCH Ascriptin MS Caplet

NVCH Ascriptin RS Caplet

SCH Asmanex Twisthaler

NVCH Benefiber

SP Broncholate Syrup

LEIN Calcium Plus D

SCH Celestone Syrup

SCH * Clarinex Reditab

SCH Clarinex Tablets

SCH Claritin Tablets, Syrup

SCH Claritin-D 12, 24 hour

SP DDAVP Rhinal Tube

SP Demerol Tablets

SCH Diprolene AF Cream

SCH Diprolene Gel, Lotion, Ointment

SP Drisdol Capsules

SP Drisdol Syrup

JNSN Duragesic Patch

SCH Elocon Cream, Lotion, Ointment

NVCH Ex-Lax Chocolate Laxative

NVCH Ex-Lax Laxative

SCH Foradil Aerolizer

AMW * Formucare Liquid Decongestant Cough & Cold

AMW * Formucare Nighttime Cold Medicine

NVCH Gas-X Extra Strength Softgels

NVCH Gas-X w/Maalox Tablets

SCH Guanidine Tablets

SP Histussin D Syrup

SP Histussin HC Syrup

SCH Hyperstat Inj.

SCH Imdur ER tablets

SCH Intron A Powder, Solution for Injection

SP Kayexalate Powder

SCH K-Dur ER Tablets

SP Kerlone tablets

SCH Lotrisone Cream, Lotion

SPRC Lunesta

SP Mytelase Caplets

SCH Nasonex Nasal Spray

SP Neosynephrine

SCH NitroDur Patch

JNSN Nizoral Tablets

AMW * Nutrilite Digestive Enzyme Complex

AMW * Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin/Multimineral

AMW * Nutrilite Natural B Complex

AMW * Nutrilite NutriEdge

AMW * Nutrilite Vitamin C, Kids Natural

SCH Peg-Intron for Inj.

PENN Pin-X Chewable Tablets

PENN Pin-X Liquid Suspension

SP Plaquenil Tablets

SP PolyHistine Elixir

SCH Proventil HFA

SCH Proventil Inhalation Aerosol

JNSN Razadyne Tablets

SCH Rebetol Capsules

SCH Rebetron

SP Skelid Tablets

SP Talacen Tablets

SP Talwin NX Tabelts

SCH Temodar Capsules

NVCH Theraflu Hot Liquid Powder

SPRC Xopenex HFA Inhalation Aerosol

AMW * XS Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

SP Zephrex LA Tablets

SP Zephrex Tablets

Medications: May/Do Contain Chometz

SCH * Clarinex Reditab

AMW * Formucare Liquid Decongestant Cough & Cold

AMW * Formucare Nighttime Cold Medicine

AMW * Nutrilite Digestive Enzyme Complex

AMW * Nutrilite Kids Multivitamin/Multimineral

AMW * Nutrilite Natural B Complex

AMW * Nutrilite NutriEdge

AMW * Nutrilite Vitamin C, Kids Natural

AMW * XS Nutrition Whey Protein Powder

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