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The following article is reprinted with permission from Kashrus Kurrents, Pesach, 2001.

Passover Concerns

Baby Cereal - Powdered Rice Cereals should be considered Chometz as they are probably produced on Chometz Equipment.

Baby Food - Baby food jars (e.g. fruits & vegetables) should be considered Chometz as they may are probably produced on Chometz equipment.

Balloons - Balloons may have a powdered coating on the inside and should not be blown up by mouth on Pesach.

Charcoal Briquets - Although charcoal briquets contain starch, they also  contain borax, lighter fluid and sodium nitrate, rendering them totally inedible. Therefore, they may be used on Pesach.

Insect & Rodent Traps - May contain Chometz bait which is non-toxic to humans and should be sold with the Chometz. This includes Combat Roach Killing System (oatmeal), d-Con Rat & Mouse baits (milled wheat), and Black Flag Roach Ender. Raid Ant & Roach Traps use a peanut butter bait and may be used on Pesach. All insecticide sprays may be used.

Orthodontic Rubber Bands - Elastics and rubber bands used with braces may be coated with corn starch (even though no mention may appear on the package) and should be rinsed well under cold water before use on Pesach.

Play Dough - May contain Chometz and should be sold before Pesach.

Postum - Postum, coffee substitute, contains Chometz and should be sold before Pesach.

Rubber Gloves - Some rubber gloves have a powder coating on the inside of the glove and powdered rubber gloves should not be used on Pesach.

Vinyl Tablecloths - Transparent printed vinyl tablecloths from Taiwan are coated with a powder and should be rinsed off before use. Regarding other tablecloths, see Passover Consumer Products.

Water Filters Water filters that are connected to the faucet need not be removed. They should be cleaned and may be used on Pesach without changing the filters.

Wine - Some wines contain Kitniyos and are not Kosher for Passover. One should not assume that wine is Kosher for Pesach unless it bears a reliable Hechsher with a Kosher for Pesach symbol on the label.

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