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Commercial Kashrut Alerts

The following has been received by FAX from the Star-K amd Ahava Dairy dated October 11, 1996 to New York Kashrus agencies

Please alert your Milchig Restaurants and Pizza Stores to the fact that a certain New York cheese driver/distributor name "Itzik" has been distributing 5 pound bricks of Treif Muenster Cheese with the Golan label attached.
There are two distinct differences between the Kosher and Treif bricks:
1.The Kosher Golan loaves do NOT bear a nutritional label on the back and the treif one does.
2.The Kosher Golan loaves have an aluminum closure on the top and the treif one does not.
The cheese has been spotted in two restaurants and the problem seem to be contained. If your restaurants have received such a brick do NOT use it and nofify the Star-K immediately.

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