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Commercial Kashrut Alerts

The following kashruth Alert was received from the Organized Kashruth Laboratories on January 16, 2001.

TPlease be advised that products produced by CP KELCO, Liile Skensved, Denmark are no longer being produced as Kosher for Passover. The companv has covered the P that designated their products as Kosher for Passover:

  • Carrageenan products between lot numbers 11180 until 113112 are Kosher for Passover
  • HM pectin products lot numbers between 11717 until 13647 are Kosher for Passover-
    The two letters HM are part of the type denomination.
  • LM pectin products lot numbers between 11397 until l13301 are Kosher for Passover.
    The two letters' LM are part of the type denomination.
The first Passover blends started on January 22, 2001 and ended on August 2, 2OO1.
The Kosher Certificate # 18804 issued on May 30, 2001 is no longer valid. This has been replaced by Kosher certificate # 19897 issued July 31, 2001.
CP KELCO, GERMANY GMBH certificates are still valid for Kosher for Passover use. It remains as always a completely Kosher for Passover facility.
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