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Commercial Kashrut Alerts

The following kashrus alert clarification is from Orthodox Union on March 9, 2004.
Last week the OU sent out an alert regarding Murray Goulburn AMF (Anhydrous Milkfat) and/or Butter from plant# 581. The original message distinguished between products bearing the OUD symbol and those that do not. Additional investigation has determined that at least with regards to the AMF, there appears to have been some fraudulent labels that bear an OUD symbol.

Please note that these fraudulent labels are not being produced by Murray Goulburn. Rather, it appears that along the distribution line at least one broker who is not affiliated with Murray Goulburn has relabeled and/or repackaged AMF using the Murray Goulburn name. The matter is being investigated further.
Please see the attached fraudulent label, Signs of the fraudulent labels may include any or all of the following:
  1. Misspelling of the Goulburn name "Goldbourn" ("Produced by Murray Goldbourn"). There is another spot on the label where the name is spelled properly.
  2. The Kosher symbol appearing as a "U" inside a circle and the "D" inside a square.
  3. Lot code beginning with "ram" together with the name "Maffra" and "Establishment No. 581" appearing on the label.
Action Items:
  1. Please check product appearing in your plants and see if any of these signs of forgery are present and/or if there is no kosher symbol on the package.
  2. If you suspect that your plant has received products bearing a fraudulent label, please provide Rabbi Katzenstein and Rabbi Ossey a Company Name, Contact name and phone number for the broker selling this product as well as the company that purchased it.
  3. Obviously, don't use the product unless it has the customary OUD symbol, bears #581 plant number and does not contain one of signs of forgery mentioned above
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Avram Ossey., Phone:212-613-8314, Fax:212-613-0652, E-Mail: osseya@ou.org

    The following kashrus alert is from Orthodox Union on March 4, 2004.

    Murray Goulburn Cooperative
    Products: Anhydrous Milkfat, Butter, and Confectionary Mix AM95HV0950
    Company: Murray Goulburn Cooperative Victoria, Australia
    Issue: THE ABOVE-MENTIONED INDUSTRIAL ITEMS ARE PRODUCED IN CERTIFIED AND NON-CERTIFIED VERSIONS. The certified products have a “Group 3” status (from specified source with Kosher symbol only) and bear the OU D. Mashgichim should always verify the presence of a Kosher symbol on “Group 3” items as well as the plant # on dairy items. The following are the item names, product #s and plant#s involved:

    CERTIFIED PRODUCTS (When bearing the OU D)
    Product Name Product # Plant #
    AMF Optipak (900kg) 120062 581
    AMF Optipak (950kg) 120064 581
    AMF Drum (210kg) 120019 581
    Confectionary Mix AM95HV0950 120093 581
    Unsalted Butter (25kg) 102009 581

    NON-CERTIFIED PRODUCTS (Not bearing the OU D)
    Product Name Product # Plant #
    AMF Optipack (900kg) 120063 581
    AMF Optipack (950kg) 120065 581
    AMF Drum (210kg) 120020 581
    Unsalted Butter (25kg) 102011/102012 581

    The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0133

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