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Commercial Kashrut Alerts

The following health alert is from FDA on March 27, 2012.

South Florida Produce, LLC is recalling Jalapeno Peppers, because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The recalled Jalapeno Peppers were distributed to Distributors in Oxford, NC, Lake Worth, FL, Washington, DC, Pompano Beach, FL, Fair Lawn, NJ, Toronto, Ontario, Canada via customer truck between March 5 through March 7, 2012.
The product comes in bulk 1 1/9 bushel cartons marked with the lot #'s J000010995, J000010996, J000010997, J000010998, J000010999, J000011000, J000020135, J000020136, J000020137, J000020138, J000020139 and J000030053. These lots #’s appear on the pallet labels located on the front and back of each pallet.
The potential for contamination was noted during a routine testing by a retail store which revealed the possible presence of Salmonella in packs of 2, 10 and 40 count packages.
Customers that have inventory with the above lot numbers are urged to destroy the product and contact Leslie DiStefano, Director of Sales & Food Safety at 954-459-0106 to verify receipt of this recall and destruction of the product.
Please refer customer or consumer questions or concerns that you might have in regard to this recall to the company's Director of Sales and Food Safety, Leslie DiStefano at (954) 459-0106 during the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

The following health alert is from US Foods on March 24, 2012.

Castellini Produce has issued an unclassified recall on fresh jalapenos in 2#, 10#, and 40# packs. The product was distributed to 5 of our divisions in the Eastern U.S. between March 9th and the present. Routine test results showed the possible presence of Salmonella. NO illness has been reported
The recalled product may be identified by packaging bearing the name Professional Produce of Florida/South Florida Produce and may include the following lot numbers: 1977434, 1977911, 1978565, 1976393, 1976549, 1976551, 1977220, 1977514, 1977845, 1978122, 1978125, 1978930, 1976774, 1976786, 1977289, 1977310, 1977906, 1977913, 1978563, 1978574, 1979025, 1979034, 1976509, 1977743, 1978618, 280104C07.
US Foods' number one priority is to notify any customer impacted by a recall. Our distribution centers affected by this recall have already begun to contact affected customers. If you purchased a recalled product from us, you will be contacted shortly, or have already been contacted. If you purchased products elsewhere, use the information above to check with your supplier.

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