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Commercial Kashrut Alerts

Kashrus alert on NORI SEAWEED SHEETS

September 7, 2018 from the COR Detroit:

NORI SEAWEED SHEETS require reliable Kashrus certification due to a concern of being processed on non-Kosher equipment, and also due to a serious issue of infestation. A number of Nori brands have recently been recalled, although they bear a Kashrus symbol, due to either infestation or unauthorized use of the symbol. The following list was issued by the Star-K:

Recalled Nori Brands as of September 5, 2018
[The lot numbers are usually inkjetted on the bag or package.]

  1. Sweet City – Star-K symbol. Two recalled lots: 092520 and 131820
  2. China Mehadrin – CRC (Hisachdus) symbol. One recalled lot: 3200/02426 1803 3242618043 2018 5A3B
  3. Sushi Metzuyan – Star-K symbol. One recalled lot: 121919
  4. Nantong Huaxin Seaweed – All bear an unauthorized Kof-K symbol. Should be considered not Kosher.
  5. Ushia Sushi – All bear an unauthorized Star-K symbol. Should be considered not Kosher.
  6. Sushi Maven - Volover symbol. ALL lots recalled EXCEPT two:
    1. Best by Date: 09/30/2019 may be used.
    2. Best by Date: 01/10/2019 may be used.

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