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Terumah and Ma'aser

Reprinted with permission of Rabbi Fishbane, Chicago Rabbinical Council

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Instructions For Taking Terumah and Ma’aser

Periodically fruits and vegetables come in from Israel. Before one is able to eat any of these fruit, Terumah and Ma’aser must be taken. 

Remove a little more than 1% of each kind of food and say the following:

  1. “The more than 1% on the Northern side of the separated pile is Terumah Gedolah.
  2. The 1% left in the separated pile plus 9 equal portions on the Northern side of the produce is Ma’aser Rishon.
  3. The 1% which 1 made Ma’aser Rishon shall become Terumas Ma’aser.
  4. 10% of the remaining produce of the Southern side, is either (depending on the year of the Shmittah cycle) Ma’aser Sheini or Ma’aser Ani. If it is Ma’aser Sheini, it shall be redeemed on one Prutah of the coin which is in the possession of Rav Yehoshua Neuwirth Shlita in Jerusalem.” (Which can be relied upon until Chanukah 5767)
  5. Whatever has been separated for Terumah Gedolah and for Terumas Ma’aser must not be eaten or used for any purpose but should be completely wrapped in a dignified manner (plastic bag or the like) and must be disposed of.

When short on time, one may recite the following abbreviated text:

“I hereby separate Terumas and Ma’asros and the redemption of Ma’aser Sheini when needed in accordance with all details contained in the instructions.”

NOTE: Separation of Terumas and Ma’asros on Shabbos and Yom Tov is forbidden.

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