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Misc. Passover Product Information

This list was prepared by Arlene Mathes-Scharf
The source of the information is listed with the information. More information will be added as it becomes available.
This information is for Passover 2021.
The products without certification should be purchased before Passover.
(list updated March 15, 2021; most information is dated with the source & year it was received).

Products usable for Passover without Passover certification





Eggs: If possible purchase before Passover. Can purchase on Passover (2020) (Star-K)


Fruit - Dried

  • Fruit, Fresh Pre-Cut
    The following companies make a variety of fresh fruit products which may be used for Passover when bearing a P (unless otherwise indicated):
  • Frozen fruit may be used without hashgachah if it is not sweetened or cooked and does not contain sensitive additives such as acorbic and citric acid which can be chametz or kitnios (or innocuous), Sugar does not pose a Pesach concern, fruit sweetened with sugar (without any other ingredients) is acceptable for Pesach. (cRc)
  • From the Star-K

    GRAINS: The following grains (whole grains only) may be used on Passover. Purchase from manufacturers that do not process chometz grains. Consumers are required to carefully check grains BEFORE PESACH for extraneous matter: (Star-K);

  • These grains are kitniot according to the cRc and OU

    Maca root powder, raw (Passover) Acceptable without Passover Certification (cRc) (2020)

    Hand Sanitizer- If possible purchase before Passover. Can purchase on Passover 2020 due to sakana (Star-K)

    Milk and Milk substitutes

    Meat: raw fresh (not ground) Acceptable without Passover Certification if in original packaging cRc
    From the Star-K: All packaged raw meat products should be used with reliable certifying agency Passover approval. If Passover-approved raw meat is not available, or the meat was already purchased without Passover approval, then it should be washed, ideally before Pesach . This should not be done over a Pesach sink. (However, all ground meat products require KFP certification and may not be used on Pesach without KFP certification, even if washed).

  • Teva (OU) 2021
  • Grow and Behold
  • All Kol Foods Raw Meat and poultry including ground are KFP no Additional marking is required (Star-K) (2021)
  • All M & D Glatt Raw Beef Veal and Lamb including ground are KFP no Additional marking is required (Star-K) (2021)
  • All Quality Kosher Poultry is KFP no Additional marking is required (Star-K) (2021)
  • All Rachel’s Organic and Isaac’s Pride Poultry including ground are KFP no Additional marking is required (Star-K) (2021)
  • All Prime Fleish raw meats are KFP no Additional marking is required (Star-K) (2021)
  • All Regal raw meats including ground are KFP no Additional marking is required (Star-K) (2021)
  • Aaron's Best Beef & Poultry raw unprocessed, excluding ground (OU)
  • Rosenblatt Kosher meats and ground beef usable for Passover if purchased after February 10, 2020, no P required. (cRc) (2020)
  • Rosenblatt kosher meat cRc certified after 2/8 2021
  • Rosenblatt lamb cRc certified all year round)
  • Glatt ranch beef ( after 1/15 2021
  • Glatt Ranch (Star-K) (2021)



    Star K info is from here


    The following raisins are approved for use on Pesach, provided that "oil" does not appear in the ingredient panel (Star-K:) for more see the OU list:

    Seltzer and Water:



    VINEGAR: Requires reliable KFP certification

    Personal Care products

    * Note: From the Star-K: If label states that it is processed in a plant that processes kitniyos or chometz, then it requires a reliable KFP certification. Note: Many consider peanuts as kitniyos, which are not permissible on Pesach. Also, dry roasted nuts and ground nuts require reliable KFP certification.

    The COR -Kashruth Council of Canada explains allergen declarations on labels at Note Regarding "May Contain" Declarations

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