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The following health alert is from the FDA on October 4, 2011.

Thumb Oilseed Producer's Cooperative of Ubly, Michigan is recalling 2623, 40 lb. bags and 360, 1500 lb. totes of soybean flour; in addition to 924, .08 ton loads of bulk soy meal because they may be contaminated with Salmonella.
The soy flour was distributed in 40 lb. paper bags under the names:

The soy flour was also distributed in 1500 lb. polyurethane totes under the name
Soy Beginnings (Product Code 285100-NFT, Lot numbers TF112310 thru TF082311).
The soy meal was distributed as .08 ton loads after custom processing with Lot numbers O011711 thru O081711. The recalled soybean flour and meal was distributed to a limited group of wholesale customers located in IL, VT, MN, PA, WI, NH and Canada. The shipments occurred in November 2010 thru September 2011. Thumb Oilseed is contacting these customers and taking necessary steps to protect consumer health.
This recall does not involve soy oil products produced by Thumb Oilseed.
Consumers who have purchased 40 lb. bags of Nex Soy (Lot numbers TF112310 thru TF033011) and Soy Beginnings (Product Code 285100-NFB, Lot numbers TF112310 and TF033011); 1500 lb. totes of Soy Beginnings (Product Code 285100-NFT, Lot numbers TF112310 and TF092311); and bulk meal with the Lot numbers O011711 thru O081711 are urged to return them to Thumb Oilseed Producers Cooperative for a credit or a refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 989-658-2344 between 9:00 am. and 4:00 pm. EST Monday-Friday.
The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0311

The following kashrus notice is from the Atlanta Kashruth Commission and confirmed by the Kof-K on September 15, 2011.

Hot Sauce sold under the Jadine label is certified kosher by the Kof-K, even though the product was labeled without the Kof-K symbol.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0310

The following health alert is from the FDA on September 13, 2011.

Fine Mexican Food Products, Inc. (FMP),Ontario, CA is recalling 1,423 Cases of 12/2 lb. Frozen Avocado Pulp and 1,820 Cases IQF 8/3 lb. IQF Avocado Halves as distributed since June/2010 because of the possibility to be contaminated with Listeria Monocytogenes. Frozen avocado pulp and IQF avocado halves were distributed to distributors in California since June 2010.
These 2 products are identified as FMP white label on the corrugated shipping carton and pack size is 2.2 lb. /bag 12 per shipping carton and Product code 00115 for Frozen Avocado Pulp.
Pack size is 3 lb. /bag 8 bags per shipping carton and Product Code 00131 for 3 lb. IQF Avocado Halves respectively with expiration dates of June/July/August 2012. The recall was the result of multiple positive Listeria Monocytogenes results in 20 lbs. size avocado pulp manufactured at the same facility in Peru. For more information please call to Fine Mexican Food Products, Recalls Procedures at 909 947-4296.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0309

The following egg allergy alert is from the FDA and FAAN posted on August 24, 2011.

YoCream International, Inc. of Portland, OR is recalling Nonfat NY Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix (Item 92147) because it contains undeclared eggs. Please note that the product is safe to consume by people who are not allergic to eggs. YoCream has been made aware of one allergic reaction by a consumer.
The affected Nonfat NY Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix was distributed throughout the United States, including to one US-based export customer. The product is available to consumers primarily through frozen yogurt shops and other retail establishments that serve frozen yogurt. The product is not sold as a consumer retail packaged item.
The Nonfat NY Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix is packaged in half-gallon cartons with the following lot codes, which can be found in ink jet printed on the side of the corrugated shipping box and on the topmost part of each individual carton: UPC: 81995 92147 LOT CODES: 2990, 3200, 3470, 3520, 0391, 0461, 0591, 0731, 0871, 0961, 1131, 1171, 1231, 1291, 1541, 1661, 1811, 1921, 2061, 2131.
This mislabeling issue is limited to only one SKU of the YoCream product line.
As of August 20, 2011, and until individual pre-printed cartons have been modified, every shipment of the Nonfat New York Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Mix SKU # 92147 leaving the YoCream warehouse has a corrective white label clearly stating “contains milk and egg” on the top of each ½ gallon carton as well as on both sides of every shipping case. All product inventories must be handled as follows:
Distributors: Contact YoCream to either:

  1. obtain allergen declaration labels/stickers and instructions for applying labels (or print your own labels to match those shown on the instruction sheet); YoCream will compensate for the labor cost incurred after submittal of a completed claim form, or
  2. coordinate with YoCream for product disposal and replacement.

Food Service Operators: Contact YoCream to:
  1. obtain allergen declaration labels and instructions for applying labels (or print your own labels to match those shown on the instruction sheet); Yocream will provide compensation for labor expense, upon submittal of the completed claim form, plus the cost of labels if self-supplied or
  2. coordinate product disposal and replacement or reimbursement with YoCream.

YoCream can also provide dispenser flavor strips which include the appropriate allergen declaration. This recall is being made with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration.
Customers with questions may contact the company between 8:00-5:00 pm PST at 1 800 YOCREAM (1 800 962 7326); Fax 503 254 9579, or email to: customeralert.august2011@yocream.com

Picture at www.fda.gov/Safety/Recalls/ucm269536.htm.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0307

The following kashrus alert is from the Atlanta Kashruth Commission on August 18, 2011.

The following 3 products distributed by Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, LLC in Forida are not kosher certified and are not authorized to bear the AKC logo: SYN Clean LF, SYN Clean HD, SYN Clean FGP. Anyone spotting these products with the AKC logo is asked to contact the AKC office at 404-634-4063.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0306

The following health alert is from the Food Prodct Design on August 10, 2011.

Van de Vries Spice Corp., East Brunswick, NJ, a provider of spices to the wholesale food industry, announced the presence of Salmonella in one lot of ground organic black pepper that was shipped to U.S. and Canadian wholesale customers from October 2010 to May 2011. The finding is limited to 15,000 lbs. of whole and ground, steam-treated, imported organic black pepper. The pepper distributed bears the lot code MV16854-01. The standard method of distribution was a 50-lb. poly-lined carton bearing the "Rose Red" brand.
Testing of the product prior to shipping resulted in negative findings. Subsequent testing by a wholesale customer indicated possible contamination, which was confirmed by further sampling of one lot by FDA. Customers should refrain from using any product bearing the lot code MV16854-01.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0305

The following kashrus advisory is from the OK on August 10, 2011.

OK Kosher Certification would like to announce in cooperation with Athens Foods, a temporary change in certification. Athens 1 oz SPANAKIPITA 48 count club store pack produced by Athens Foods, Inc., Cleveland, OH is TEMPORARILY not certified as OK dairy. Please check the package for kosher certification.
Please note that OK Kosher certification continues to certify many other Athens products including Athens 1 oz SPANAKOPITA 12 count sold in many retail chains across the country to be certified as OK dairy. See individual labels for OK kosher symbol and kashrus catagory.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0304

The following kashrus alert is from the OU on July 5, 2011.

Arrezzio Pizza Sauce With Cheese, SYSCO Corporation, Toronto, Canada: This foodservice product bears an unauthorized OU symbol and contains non kosher ingredients. This product is distributed in Canada, and is being withdrawn from the marketplace. Consumers who see this product with an OU should please contact the OU at kosherq@ou.orgM or at 212-613-8344. For general Kashruth inquiries, please call 212-613-8241.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0302

The following kashrus advisory is from the OU on June 21, 2011.

American Nut products, Sylmar, CA were previously labeled OU-D. In view of recent changes, American Nut products will now be labeled OU. Products with the "D" should still be considered dairy. The pareve products have a lot number of 061311 or greater.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0301

The following kashrus alert is from the Star-K on June 15, 2010.

GFS (Gordon Food Service) brand institutional-size Artichoke Quarters was labeled in error with a Star-K. The Star-K does not certify Artichoke Quarters.
Corrective action has been taken. Revised labels bear the correct certification - a six-pointed star in a circle. This is the Kosher Supervision symbol of the Rabbinate of Madrid (symbol to the right).

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/TradeNotices/?alert=T0300
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