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Expo East 2018 Recap

The top buzz word at Expo East 2018 was vegetable based. Products that used this included milk replacement products, ersatz seafood and snack products. Chip and snack products were presented that included a vegetable powder used this as the identifier such as cauliflower chips or vegetable chips. Even a candy was proudly displayed as vegetable based implying that this product was healthy to eat. Even a cardboard carton manufacturer called their product "plant based". Yes, trees are plants.

Paleo or keto diet is still big. There were a lot of sweet keto-friendly ice creams and beverages. These contained non-nutritive sweeteners such as stevia, monk-fruit or erythritol.

The products that I pay particular attention to are products that provide a entire meal or the protein for a meal. This is important for travelers or even people who eat at their desk. A couple of companies had flavored tuna in a pouch. Just open and eat. One company had beans and rice in a cup, another bean dip in a cup, add hot water, wait and eat. A couple of companies had hummus and crackers, needing refrigeration and shelf stable.

Expo East had quite a few kosher products that help make a meal including pareve Parmesan cheese, pareve vegan milks, creams and whip.

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