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Fancy Food 2019 Recap

by Arlene Mathes-Scharf; editor Kashrut.com

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Every year I look forward forward to the Fancy Food Show in New York City. The Fancy Food Show is a show where companies from around the world show off their nicest products. These products are tasty and often packaged in beautiful packaging. There are many kosher products at presented at the Fancy Food show.

The Fancy Food Show has evolved with the times. Many products in the show are tasty with beautiful packaging, but now the companies making them also stressed the attributes that that fits needs of of consumers. Besides kosher some of the attributes highlighted include plant based, plant based dairy, “contains vegetables”, “pulse based”, protein, keto, coconut, avocado, grain-free, gluten-free, sprouted, fermented, allergen-free, paleo, prebiotic, probiotic, spelt, artesian, small batch, honey, oat milk, natural and organic.

When I go to the Fancy Food Show, I look for products that increase kosher consumers choices in key areas. Some of these are products that increase the kosher consumer’s choices in easy to use or shelf stable entrees. In most places, kosher consumers do not have access to kosher restaurants and so need to bring their food with them or purchase in local stores. Ready-to-eat products and shelf-stable entres es are useful for kosher consumers who are traveling, as fast meal choices or even to eat at work.

One of the products that caught my attention at the Fancy Food Show were Soupergirl- Tomato Gespatzo, which was tasty and available at the time in Whole Foods.

I also saw the following main Shelf-stable proteins entree products which are useful for travel, lunches or dinner including Veggiecopia Shelf stable hummus and a Season sardine salad kit, A number of companies are now making flavored tuna pouches. Safe Catch and Blue Harbor were showing flavored tuna products at the show for a quick, tasty protein-rich food.

The Fancy Food Show has shown once again to be a showcase for delicious products that are kosher.

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