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Fancy Food 2023

The Fancy food Show 2023 in New York highlighted a number of categories of products. The show included quite a few innovative and delicious kosher products. These included Plant-Based, Vegetarian, and Keto foods, some of which were kosher-certified.

Plant-Based Foods was one of the categories of products at the show.

Kosher Dairy Cheeses: I was excited to see Kosher cheeses at the Fancy Food Show.

Anderson International featured “Sincerely, Brigitte” cheeses (cholov stam), including Camembert cheese with guava and Camembert cheese with apricot, both of which were tasty. They also presented creative cholov stam cheeses including lemon-sage, black truffle, tomato olive, and chipotle. Anderson also produces Cholov Yisroel cheeses under the “Natural and Kosher” label. Exciting news from the show is that BelGioioso fresh Mozzarella cheese has now obtained OU-D cholov-stam certification. It is available in the regular sections of supermarkets and club stores.

Keto: Many products approved for the Keto diet include cheese, so such products are difficult to find as kosher. Dare to be Different exhibited kosher, grain-free, Keto-friendly plant-based foods, with their dairy products being Cholov Yisroel. Some are their products are kosher for Passover year-round. The crusts, gnocchi, crisps and pizza products are certified as kosher by the Kof-K, and the cauliflower crumbs are certified as kosher by the COR. I was sent samples to taste, and the products were tasty.

I saw other interesting products at the show:

My visits to the Fancy Food Show have introduced me to innovative, delicious, Kosher gourmet products.

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