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Rabbi Chanoch Kesselman

Copyright © 2013 Rabbi Chanoch Kesselman, Executive Coordinator Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations of The United Kingdom and Commonwealth. Reprinted with permission of the Author.

The current scandalous fraud involving the contamination of beef-labelled products with horse meat, clearly demonstrates that there are unscrupulous people in the food industry who will sink to any level in order to make big bucks. However, the Kosher meat industry is unscathed by such reprehensible contamination through counterfeit beef.

All UK abattoirs where the slaughter of kosher beef, lamb and poultry takes place are licensed and regulated by the Department of Environmant, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and operate under the strict supervision of the Rabbinical Authorities. Under this supervision no slaughter of any non-kosher species of animals takes place. This strict supervision ensures that the slaughter and dressing is exclusive to kosher animals without exception. Equines and porcines are not kosher species of animal and are NEVER used in the manufacture of any type of kosher food product whatsoever.

Every kosher-slaughtered animal intended for food is sealed with an exclusive seal which is affixed to the carcase by a rabbinical supervisor, this seal identifies the carcase as kosher. The carcases of kosher beef, lamb or poultry are then delivered to licensed kosher premises, either processing plants, caterers or butchers’ shops, and upon arrival must be positively identified by a rabbinical supervisor or inspector at those premises. Any delivery not bearing an authorised identifying seal is summarily rejected by the kashrus inspectors.

All processing of kosher food products, and subsequent manufacturing takes place in licensed premises with constant supervision by the authorised Rabbinical Authority. Thus every single kosher item is guaranteed by that Authority that it is strictly kosher and absolutely free from any non-kosher ingredient or by-product of either animal or other origin.

Kosher food manufacturers or meat processors, do not use imported “third party” products of any animal origin. All UK processing of “Kedassia Glatt Kosher” meat is done on-site in their duly licensed premises, exclusively and without exception using Kedassia kosher meat of UK origin, which is under constant rabbinical supervision from the time of slaughter. These rigid controls of kashrus together with supervised “traceability” are guarantees that no non-kosher meat can enter the kosher food chain either by accident or intent.

The kosher seal - Hechsher - which is prominently placed on every item of kosher food is the public’s guarantee that the contents, which are written on the packaging, are exactly what it says they are.

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