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The following list of kosher Slurpees is from Star-K and Chicago Rabbinical Council, the Orthodox Union, Pepsi and 7-11. (September 1, 2022).

Kashrus alert: Diet Pepsi, Bubble Yum, Fanta Banana Split, Fanta Pina Colada, , Peach Dragonfruit, Icebreakers Sugar-Free Blueberry Splash and , Icebreakers Sugar-Free Cherry Apple Slurpees are Dairy.

Important Slurpee Information from the Chicago Rabbinical Council: "Slurpee is a registered trademark of 7Eleven and is sold only in 7Eleven stores. Other similar products that are sold in other stores may not be kosher, even though the flavors may seem to be identical."
"This list only applies to 7Eleven stores in the United States. Other countries may be using other flavors that are not recommended."

Lists of other kosher iced drinks:

The following Slurpees are kosher pareve unless otherwise indicated:

AMP Energy:


Crème, Floatz French Vanilla Creme Red Creme Root Beer
Caffeine-Free Root Beer Diet Root Beer Delaware Punch
Diet French Vanilla Creme Diet Red Creme Soda Floatz


CAFE LATTE: Kosher, pareve includes Hazelnut.


Blackberry Ginger Ale Ginger Ale



Coca Cola Classic Citra Sprite Vanilla Coke
Cherry Coke Mello Yello Pink Lemonade Strawberry Creme
Sprite Remix Sprite Tropicana Remix Full Throttle Frozen Fury Whoopie Berry Full Throttle Iron Man Invisible Orange
Powerade PowerAde Mountain Blast Sprite Snowball Sugar Free Sprite Lite Redberry
Sugar-Free Sprite Cranberry Diet Coke Frost Cherry Slurpee Sprite 6 by LeBron James Black Cherry Sour Patch Redberry
Monster Mutant Red Dawn Sprite Cranberry Slurpee


Lemon Lime Strawberry Kiwi Peach Mango Berry Pomegranate
Lemonade Passion Fruit Raspberry Lemonade Stawberry Banana
Orange Pineapple Ice Raspberry Ice Fusion Tangarine Lime
Cherry Limeade Apple Mango Strawberry Kiwi Wild Strawberry Energy



Dr. Pepper Cherry Vanilla Sour Patch Kids Mutant Berry Cactus Cooler

Alienade Apocalyptic Ice Fuji Frost Apple Berry Lemonade
Banana PURPLE CRAZE (Grape) Banana Split Dairy Sugar Free Peach Mandarin Blackberry
Birch Beer Kiwi Strawberry Vanilla Lemon Creme Blackberry Pomegranate Blitz
Blue Blunder Berry/Gullywasher Cherry Backberry Pina Colada (dairy) Lemon Meringue
Blue Cherry Orange Yellow Cherry Orange Xplosion Lemonade
Blue Raspberry Red Licorice White Cherry Sugar Free Cherry Limeade Lime Vanilla
Ginger Ale Super Sour Apple Super Sour Cherry Kumquat Orange (Oddball Orange) Mixed Berry
Watermelon Wild Cherry Orange Cream Strawberry Lemon Shade Orange KZ3 Battle Fuel
Pineapple Green Lemon Lime Green Melon SF Mango Lemonade Sour Green Apple
Gullywasher Purple Berry Cherry Mandarine Tangarine Wild Cherry-Reduced Calorie SF Key Lime Creme Strawberry Lemonshade
Strawberry Banana Sugar-Free Strawberry Banana Strawberry Pineapple Grape Super Watermelon
Mango Melon Super Sour Watermelon Peach Raspberry Strawberry Creme
Yellow Cherry Liquid Armor Starburst Dragonfruit Sugar Free Mango Watermelon Lime White Cherry Yumberry
Mango Passion Fruit Sour Watermelon Transformer SF Pineapple Coconut Lime Lemonade
What-a-Melon Gojiberry or Wolfberry Watermelon Lime Mango Kick (Chili Mango) Sour Grape
5 React, akaPomegranate Passion Fruit Purple for the People KZ3 Battle Fuel Sugar Free Watermelon Punch Watermelon Lime Slurpee
Berry Blaster Citrus Berry Slam Strawberry Citrus Summertime Lime Watermelon Lime
Purple for the People Sugar Free Strawberry Sugar Free Strawberry Kiwi Sour Patch Watermelon Sour Lemon Lime Slurpee
SF Strawberry Banana Birthday Cake Sugar Free Pineapple Mango Pink Strawberry Lemonade Ghost White Gummi Slurpee
Sugar Free Chili Mango Sugar-Free Lemonade Sugar Free Strawberry Basil Lime Mystery Flavor Blue Raspberry with Juice
Blueberry Lemonade with Juice Sugar Free Cherry Limeade Wild Cherry with Juice Blue Raspberry Punch Strawberry
Mango What the Fanta


Rock N Rye Cotton Candy Faygo Grape Faygo Red Pop Faygo Orange


Blue Raspberry Freeze Red Cherry Freeze White Cherry Freeze Apple Berry Blast
Melon Berry Blast Orange Crème Twisted Citrus Blood Orange Lime Freeze
Peach Lemonade Skittles Green Apple Wicked Apple Captain Crunch Berry
Fruitworks Berry Lemonade Candy Mango Lemonade

Hawaiian Punch:

Fruit Juicy Red Green Berry Rush Lemon Berry Squeeze Mazin Melon
Berry Limeade Blast Blue Lightning Fruit Punch Berry Lime Blast
Bodacious Berry Polar Blast



Root Beer Sour Apple Strawberry Watermelon.

Iron Man


Jolly Rancher Watermelon Nerds SPK Pineapple Lemon Bar LS
Quake Tropical Slurpee


Orange Créme Fufu Berry

Key Lime Pie

Laffy Taffy:

Mango Melon

Mango Bango

Tea Totally Wild Cherry

Master Chill:

Master Chill Airheads Xtreme Rainbow Berry Bruisin Berry Sour Green Purple Vanilla s'Creme
Lemonade Cafe` Latte Cherry Limeade Raspberry Acai Red Licorice
Vanilla Creme Strawberry Creme Sour Strawberry Sour Blue Raspberry Sour Green
White Plum Grape Slurpee is for Lovers Big Red Crazy Citrus Cotton Candy
Trolli® Pineapple Lime Slurpee® St. Paddy's Day Sour Lemon Lime Slurpee


Blue Cherry Lemonade
Blueberry Orange Raspberry Lemonade
Cherry Passion Fruit Orange Pineapple
Grape Peach Strawberry

Mello Yellow:

Regular Yellow

Mystery Airheads:

Blue Raspberry Yellow

Ice breakers peach dragon fruit- Dairy Cholov Stam

Pepe Rico Pomegranate Margarita


Code Red Blue Shock Freeze Mountain Dew Live Wire Sugar Rush Vanilla Cream (pareve)
Mountain Dew Pepsi Diet Pepsi Dairy Cherry Vanilla
Darth Dew Pitch Black Frawg Apple Mt Dew Voltage Black Cherry
Sugar Rush Thin Ice Blackberry Limez Manzanita Sol Apple/Manzana
Mango Sorbet (Mango Melody) Mountain Dew White Out (Sour Lime) Wicked Apple Pepsi Fire
Mountain Dew Blue Shock Red Apple Orange Eureka! California Blackberry Lime
Mtn Dew Game Fuel Cherry Citrus MT. Dew Game Fuel Berry Lime Caramel Apple Furitworks Peach Lemonade
Mug Float Mug Root Beer Float Brisk Strawberry Melon Mtn Dew Merry Mashup
Peelin Out Banana Brisk Blackberry Smash Mtn Dew Zero Sugar Mtn. Dew Major Melon
Brisk Blood Orange

Sierra Mist Slurpee:

Regular, Cranberry Cranberry Splash Lemon Squeeze
Sierra Mist Slurpee Ruby


Cafe Latte Hazelnut

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry

Snow Bawl Energy Slurpee


Sunkist Slurpee:

Orange Float (This flavor is only recommended as a Slurpee) Orange

Sunny Sky Products:

Pelon Pelo Rico Lemon Ooey Gooey LS Dad's Hawaiian Shirt Low sugar Quake Berry Blast
Pineapple LS Cotton Candy LS Straw Bizzle Peeps
Cherry with real juice Blue Raspberry with real juice Peach Perfect Pineapple Whip
Horchata Jamaica Lemonade with 5% juice Blueberry flavor for lemonade
Mango flavor for lemonade Raspberry flavor for lemonade Strawberry flavor for lemonade Blueberry Lemonade
Pineapple Whip Green Apple

Tropicana Twister Slurpee:

Blue Raspberry Rush Black Cherry Lemonade




Ginger Ale Vernors Boston Cooler


Glacéau vitaminwater Chill Glacéau vitaminwater Zero Shine Glacéau vitaminwater Zero Rise Vitamin Water Zero Sugar Gutsy Vitamin Water XXX
Vitaminwater Look

Yo Cream /Jolly Rancher DAIRY, Cholov Stam:

Bubble Yum Green Apple Watermelon Yo Cream
Icebreakers Peach Dragonfruit Blue Raspberry Icebreakers Blueberry Icebreakers Cherry Apple
Cherry Orange Blitz Cherry Lemon French Vanilla
Chocolate Custard Froyo Shake Vanilla Lite Chocolate Ice Cream Lite Vanilla Ice Cream
Pina Colada Smoothie Vanilla Custard Vanilla Ice Cream Very Berry Smoothie


Ed. note: We believe at this time there are no longer available (4/23/21)

Iced Coffee
New iced coffee bibs flavors available from Maine to New Jersey. They are dairy, Cholov Stam (OU-D):

Cold brewed coffee- pareve or dairy equipment due to different suppliers

Fountain drinks

From the cRc(8/24/2016)
7-Eleven Syrups - The Vanilla, Cherry and Lemon Flavor Shots offered at the fountain soda machine at many 7Eleven stores are kosher DAIRY - CHOLOV STAM!!
Until recently, if the syrup was known to be kosher then there was no reason not to buy a drink from the fountain dispenser. However, over the past few months, 7-Eleven has introduced a new fountain soda machine into their stores which has raised doubts about these assumptions. To read an informative article on the subject here.

2021 Canadian Slurpee List from the COR

MK Canada's Slurpee & Slush Kosher List 2022 including frozen carbonated beverages manufactured by Coca Cola Canada bearing the MK Certification and kosher Slush Puppie flavours.

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