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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

The following revised kashrus alert is from Congregation Bes Tefilla on September 5, 2006.
Revised directive concerning meat and poultry bought at "Shevach Quality Meats':

  1. All meat and poulty and meat and poulty products (except those in the original packing of the kosher processing plant) which were purchased at the "Shevach Quaility Meats" during the past years may not be eaten.
  2. All utensils that were definitely used hot (there is no safek) for the above food itmes must be kashered.
  3. If chicken bottoms were purchased on Tuesday, August 29 or Wednesday, August 30, then utensils must be kashered even if there is a safek.
Ed. note: Information of kashering can be found at www.kashrut.com/Passover/.

The following kashrus alert is from Congregation Bes Tefilla on September 3, 2006.
Congregation Bes Tefilla has removed its kashrus certification from Shevach Quality Meats, Spring Valley, NY due to kashrus violations. There is an on-going investigation. Chicken legs from August 29 and August 30, 2006 that were labeled Kiryas Yovel or Vineland should not be used and any keilim used with them should be kashered.

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