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Additional Kashrus information on Ruyh's Vegeterian Restaurant in Florence, Italy

August 1, 2017 from the the Jewish Community of Florence:

Ruth's Vegetarian Dairy Restaurant in Florence, Italy is now under the certification of Rav Alberto Sermoneta Chief Rabbi of Bologna and Florence dated 10 Av 5777 to 25 Tishri 5778.

Kashrus information on Ruyh's Vegeterian Restaurant in Florence, Italy

July 19, 2017 from the IKC & the Jewish Community of Florence:

The IKC has been certifying Ruth's since May.

Kashrus alert on Ruyh's Vegeterian Restaurant in Florence, Italy

July 12, 2017 from the Comunità Ebraica di Firenze:

"Please note that Ruth's kosher vegeterian restaurant in Florence's Italy is no longer under the supervision of the Jewish community and /or it's chief rabbi. The kashruth certification of the community and its Rabbi is not valid any longer since last three months."

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