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Kashrus advisory - HEINZ BBQ SAUCES, WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCES and store brand products

August 29, 2017 from the COR Detroit:
Heinz has a number of OU certified BBQ sauces. Three of them, Kansas City Style, Memphis Style, and Texas Style state "OU Fish" and contain anchovies. The amount of anchovies in these sauces is less than 1/60, and therefore, according to most Poskim, these sauces may be used with meat. Some Poskim, however, are stringent. Consult your Rav.

Some “OU Fish” products contain more than 1/60 fish, and according to all opinions may not be used with meat. Some examples are Lea & Perrins, Great Value, Market Pantry and ShopRite brands of Worcestershire sauces, which all state “OU Fish”. Brands of Worcestershire sauces that list anchovies and bear a plain OU contain less than 1/60 fish.

Consumers should be aware that STORE BRANDS AND GENERIC BRANDS, especially at discount stores, frequently change suppliers (i.e., the outside manufacturers that produce the product for the stores), which often results in a change or loss of the product’s Kosher status. In addition, a store may have multiple suppliers with different Kosher statuses for the same product, so that at some store locations a product may be Kosher while at other locations it is not. In some instances, even the same store may have a mixture of Kosher and non-Kosher versions of the same product, as with the frosting mentioned above. Consumers should therefore be especially careful when buying such products to check each package every time for proper Kosher certification.

Locally, this is especially common at Aldi and Save-A-Lot stores, with Millville and Kiggins brands of cereals, Carlini and Westcott brands of oils and cooking sprays, Nature’s Nectar orange juices, Friendly Farms dairy products and almond milk, Little Salad Bar hummus, Clancy’s potato chips, Happy Harvest tomato sauce, etc. This also occurs occasionally with Kroger and Meijer brands of products.

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