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Insect checking instructions for some items used on Rosh HaShana as simanim

September 19, 2017 from the Star-K:
At this time of year when many of us are using figs, dates and leeks, this is a reminder to check these items properly:

  • DATES & FIGS: It is recommended that one open and do a visual inspection on a few out of each container (even if they have a hechsher, due to the possibility of improper storage). If they have no insects, one can assume the rest do not.
  • LEEKS: Do an internal and external inspection for any signs of infestation. Check inside tube and between leaves, as well as, the outside for leaf-miner trails.
  • BLACK EYED PEAS (FRESH/DRIED): One should check a handful of beans for any signs of infestation, which includes holes or dark stains. Additionally, they should be soaked for 15-20 minutes in room temperature water to see if any insects float to the top. Soaking must be done before Yom Tov.

Star-K Bug Checking chart

What do bugs look like

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