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Kashrus advisory concerning Good Humor cone products

December 7, 2017 from Kof-K in response to a reader's question:

There are currently two Good Humor cone products being imported into the US which are not certified under the KOF-K. They are King Cone, Made in Portugal and Oreo Cone, Made in Mexico. This was initially done as Unilever, owner of the Good Humor Brand Name was rebuilding their cone line and therefore outsourced these products to their other Unilever plants. They have recently completed the line(s) and have begun producing these products in the US with a KOF-K. For a short period of time there will be in the market kosher and non-kosher product. This situation is very common when a new company becomes kosher certified as the newly certified product enters the market. As they say “Consumer Beware”, customer needs to always look for the KOF-K symbol before purchasing any GH products.

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