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Insect Infestation Alert - Quinoa

December 16, 2019 from the OU:

Kosher Advisory White Quinoa: Some brands of white quinoa were recently found to contain booklice. The Orthodox Union is looking into this matter. Accordingly, white quinoa should not be used without a thorough inspection. The method of checking that has been found to be effective is to pour the quinoa into a thirty mesh sifter and agitate for 30 seconds over a white surface. If any booklice are found on the white surface, the quinoa should be discarded.

December 13, 2019 from the Scroll K:

There has been an alarming number of cases where quinoa was found to be infested. The infestation seems due to improper storage at some stage in packing or storing. We therefore recommend the following:

  1. Quinoa that is at least a year before its expiration (or ‘best by’) date does not require checking.
  2. If it is less than one year before the expiration (or ‘best by’) date, the quinoa should be checked for insects. Place the raw quinoa in a strainer, shake for 25 seconds over a white paper or light box, and examine the surface for insects. See here for a visual demonstration.

December 4, 2019 from the New Square:

Our experienced Mashgichim recently checked various brands of Quinoa that are currently available in the stores and found a substantial amount (miut Hamutzi) that were infested with various types of insects including mites, which according to Halucha there is a Chiuv Bedika.
Since the bedikah is complicated for the average person, it is therefore suggested using only with a reliable hashgucha that certifies that it was checked and found clean at the time of packaging, and packaged in a way that it will remain insect‐free (e.g. vacuum packed).
p.s. it’s advisable to store in freezer immediately after opening the vacuum bag.

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