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Consumer Kashrut Alerts

Kashrut alert - COCA-COLA, SPRITE and FANTA SODAS made in MEXICO

June 30, 2020: From the COR Detroit:

COCA-COLA, SPRITE and FANTA SODAS made in MEXICO and sold in U.S. stores in 12 oz. glass bottles are not certified Kosher and are not recommended.

Kashrut alert - Coca Cola Products from Japan, Korea, India, Romania Without Hashgacha

June 9, 2020 from the COR Detroit and confirmed by the OU:

New COCA-COLA STRAWBERRY from Japan, now available online in the U.S., is not Kosher approved.

June 11, 2020 from Kashrus Magazine:

Coca Cola Products from Japan, Korea, India, Romania Without Hashgacha:
There are literally dozens of unique flavors of Coca Cola and of Pepsi (which are being produced often as “Special Edition” products) in Japan, Korea, India, Romania, Mexico, etc. These come in normal-size cans and bottles as well as in many unique styles of bottles and cans. Until recently, only when one traveled outside the U.S. would they see this products. Today, however, they are all being sold online, delivered right to your door. One problem—they are not kosher certified, and they very much require kosher certification. The latest are Coca Cola Strawberry, Coca Cola Peach, and Coca Cola Vanilla Float. You will also find Coca Cola from Japan with the following flavors: Lemon, Plus Vitamin C, Lime, Orange, Pl us Catechin, Plus Coffee. Mexi-Coke is being made in Mexico. Also, you can find Pepsi J-Cola, Pepsi J-Cola Zero, and Midnight flavors from Japan available. Please spread the word about these foreign products not having hashgacha.

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