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The following information is reprinted with permission from the October, 1997 KEEPING YOU KURRENT published by the Star K.

PAS YISROEL: Goldman's, Parisers and Schmell & Azman products are Pas Yisoel. Seven Mile Market fresh bakery products are Pas Yisoel.

The following Star-K retail products are and/or use Pas Yisroel ingredients:

  • BenZ's Gefilte Fish
  • BenZ's Kishka
  • Blue Ribbon Fish Salads
  • Chopsies Bagel Pizza
  • Chopsies Frozen Pizza
  • Chopsies Kishka
  • For Convenience Sake Entrees
  •     Giant Star-K packaged rye & pumpernickel breadsGrandma Taylor's Mandelbread
  • Main Street Bagels
  • Mama Leah's Pizza
  • Manna Pizza
  • Philadelphia Foods Bagel Pizza
  • Philadelphia Foods Frozen Pizza
  • Shindler Breaded Fish
  • Shira Pizza

Other Pas Yisroel consumer products: Empire Pizza Bagels, H & S Rye & Pumpernickel Packaged Breads, Kemach, Leiber's, Reisman's, and Manischewitz Tam Tams.

The following Star-K products and/or establishments are Yoshon: (For local Yoshon catering and dining options, call our Kashrus Hotline.)

    • Carmella Frozen Pizza Crusts (whole wheat pizza crusts are not Yoshon)
    • Giant Frozen Pizza Crusts
    • Goldmans BakeryMama Leah's Gourmet Kosher Pizza
    • Milk & Honey Bistro - pasta, pizza, soups
    • Schmell & Azman Bakery

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