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The following beverage update is from the Chicago Rabbinical Council Kosher Consumer on March 17, 2006 and corrected on May 26, 2006.

The following new items are kosher/pareve:

  • Pepsi's Slice One Orange, Grape & Berry
  • Dole Sparklers
  • Coke's new citrus drink "Vault" (regular and Zero)
  • Dr. Pepper's "Berries and Cream" (regular and Diet)
  • Hawaiian Punch flavors (recommended only in a 2 liter or 20oz bottle or a 12oz can) Mango Passionfruit Squeeze and Island Citrus Guava.
  • There is a new brand of flavored milks on the market by the name of Bravo which are kosher/ dairy only when bearing the OU-D on the label.
  • There is a new product from Coke being released in the U.S. called Coke Blak that is certified kosher DAIRY. The product Coca-Cola Blak (spelled without a 'C') is to be a specialty premium drink that will be sold in unique (glass) bottles. This should not be confused with the Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla sold in standard bottles and cans which is Pareve and is certified.
  • The following is certified as NOT kosher: Rockstar Energy Drink; Sobee's Adrenaline Rush (a Pepsi product).
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