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The following kashrus notice is from the Houston Kashruth Association on May 13, 2010.

Sunbeam and Nature’s Own breads are now certified as kosher (in the Houston Area). Please check the ink jet expiration date to make sure that it was produced at plant 118. In the near future the letters HKA will be added to the expiration date/plant number. This will apply only to breads, and not to buns or rolls.

Sunbeam brand Certified items:

  • Giant bread
  • 1.5 lb sandwich
  • 20 oz round top white
Nature’s Own Brand Certified items:
  • White wheat 20 oz
  • Light wheat 16 oz
  • Light honey wheat 16 oz
  • Honey wheat 20 oz
  • Whole grain sugar free 20 oz
  • 100% whole wheat 20oz
  • Honey wheat sandwich 24 oz
  • Light sourdough 16 oz
  • Honey seven grain 20 oz
  • Double fiber 20 oz
  • White wheat sandwich 24 oz

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