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Passover Kashrut Alerts

Passover information on Fish

February 28, 2018

  • From the OU
    Due to the frequent application of glazes to raw fish, it should be purchased only with reliable kosher certification. However, Kirkland Frozen Wild Salmon bearing the standard OU symbol is acceptable after rinsing, while the Kirkland Atlantic (Farm Raised) Salmon bearing the standard OU symbol is acceptable as is for Passover. Kirkland’s Frozen Tilapia when bearing the standard OU symbol is also acceptable for Passover after rinsing.
  • From the Star-K - Frozen Raw:
    All frozen raw fish products should have reliable certifying agency Passover approval. If Passover approved frozen fish is not available, or the frozen fish was already purchased without Passover approval, then it should be washed, ideally before Pesach. This should not be done over a Pesach sink.
  • From the cRc:
    Fish, fresh (Passover) is acceptable without Passover Certification. One should wash the fish well in cold water before use.

  • March 15, 2108 from the Kof-K:
    • MEMBER’S MARK - C. WIRTHY & CO. ATLANTIC SALMON FROZEN FILLETS ( raw only) bearing a Kof-K and stating Product of Chile, sold at Sam’s Club, are Kosher for Pesach.
    • FISHIN brand FROZEN WHITING FILLETS (plain unseasoned, raw) bearing a Kof-K and stating Product of Chile are Kosher for Pesach.
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