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The following news is from the Foodmanufacturing.com and FDA on November 18, 2015.

The FDA is proposing a rule to establish labeling requirements for fermented, hydrolyzed and distilled foods that bear a gluten-free label. "There is uncertainty in interpreting the results of current gluten test methods for fermented and hydrolyzed foods on a quantitative basis that equates the test results in terms of intact gluten." These foods will be required to be gluten-free before the fermentation or hydrolysis and no contamination in processing. Distilled products will be required to demonstrate that there is no gluten in the final product.

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The following news is from the OK with confirmation from Kehilla Kosher on November 6, 2015.

OK Kosher and Kehilla Kosher (Los Angeles) announced that they are merging.

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The following news is from the RSSL on November 4, 2015.

Researchers in Holland have developed a plant based protein that matches the texture of steak. Using a processing technique called the Couette Cell, reliant on heat and shear (rather than extrusion, the most common way of generating textures) Dutch research led by Atze Jan van der Goot aimed to address this issue. From a mixture of soy protein isolate and wheat gluten, the team at Wageningen created 3cm-thick sections resembling the fibrous texture of meat.

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The following news is from the JOL on November 4, 2015.

Coca Cola in Israel is recalling 1.5 liter bottles of Coca Cola due to an aftertaste. They are recalling all bottles with an expiration date of February 25, 2016.

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The following news is from the JTA and Grandin.com and Koshertoday.composted on November 3, 2015.

" The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority advised the government to ban ritual slaughter of animals, citing pain and suffering caused to them in the process." "The authority said it opposed ritual slaughter because it means that animals may take more than 45 seconds to die, during which time they may be subjected to stress and pain." Temple Grandin has found the average time to be 15 to 30 seconds.
The Dutch Israelite Religious Community, on NIK, has argued that the strict rules of shechitah, the Hebrew word for kosher slaughter, assure minimum suffering that does not exceed that of non-kosher slaughterhouses. "Kosher Today has learned that kosher slaughter in the Netherlands involves only 60 animals a week."

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The following product safety alert is from the CPSC on October 28, 2015.

Avengers and Darth Vader Themed Water Bottles have been recalled because the gray paint on the metal portion of the water bottle can contain excessive levels of lead, violating the federal lead paint standard.
his recall involves Avengers and Darth Vader themed stainless steel water bottles with images of Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man on one and an image of Darth Vader and the Death Star on the other style. The water bottles are gray with a blue or black plastic top, a vacuum-valve stopper and are 5 ½ inches tall by 2 ¾ inches in diameter. SKU number 7939721 (Avengers) or 7939721 (Darth Vader) is printed on the price sticker affixed to the bottom of the bottle, along with one of the following date codes: 12/2013, 8/2014 or 12/2014. A tracking label imprinted on the underside of the bottle contains the date code printed along with the words, “Pottery Barn Kids,” “LOT 1, BATCH 1” and “JINHUA, CHINA.”
Consumer Contact: Pottery Barn Kids toll-free at 844-421-8062 from 7 a.m. to midnight ET daily, or online at www.potterybarnkids.com and click on Safety Recalls at the bottom of the page for more information.
Consumers should immediately take the recalled water bottles from children and return them to the nearest Pottery Barn Kids store or contact the firm’s toll-free number for free shipping information. Consumers will have the option of a full refund or replacement water bottle, plus a $20 Pottery Barn Kids gift card.
Sold exclusively at Pottery Barn Kids and Pottery Barn Outlet stores nationwide, through the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and online at www.potterybarnkids.com from June 2014 through September 2015 for about $16.

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The following news is from the Reuters.com and Koshertoday on October 24, 2015.

"PM Beef will close its southwest Minnesota beef processing plant on Dec. 11, due to tight cattle supplies. Severe droughts in 2-12 forced ranchers to reduce the size of their herds. The owners are trying to sell the facilty.
PM Beef had been a slaughterhhouse for kosher beef aand has been major source of premium glatt kosher beef. PM was was one of the few plants in the US that produced prime cuts of kosher beef.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W359

The following news is from the Barfblog on October 24, 2015 and globalmeatnews on October 26, 2015.

Clear Labs is a startup company that is using DNA sequencing to analyze the contents of food to combat food fraud. Clear Foods tested hot dogs and sausages. "Around 3 percent of the samples found pork where it shouldn’t have been, most often in meats labeled as chicken or turkey, and around 10 percent of the vegetarian products contained meat. "Human DNA was found in 2% of the total samples and in two thirds of the vegetarian products tested. It found evidence of chicken in 10 samples, beef in four samples, turkey in three samples, and lamb in two samples in products that were not supposed to contain those ingredients."
Vegetarian products seemed to have the most problems across the board: Four of the 21 vegetarian samples had hygienic issues (accounting for two-thirds of the hygienic issues found in the report), and many vegetarian labels exaggerated the protein content by up to 2.5 times the actual amount." "The tests discovered 10% of vegetarian products contained meat." including "chicken in a vegetarian breakfast sausage and pork in a vegetarian hot dog."

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The following news is from the Barfblog on October 24, 2015.

The Organic and Natural Health Association (OHNA) is cerating a certification system for natural, because the FDA is doing this. ONHA is creating a natural seal beginning in early 2016 that companies can put on their products in exchange for a fee.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W358

The following news is from the FoodSafetyNews on October 22, 2015.

A study by Steven Ricke, director of the University of Arkansas Center for Food Safety found that "typical cleaning doesn’t actually sanitize the reusable plastic containers (RPCs) used to transport fruits, vegetables, poultry and other foods". Containers used for multiple kinds of foods are collapsed and brought to a central location to be cleaned. This causes a high likelhood of cross-contamination.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W356
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