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Salmonella cornflakes will be used to make concrete

August 9, 2016: from Arutz7:

"Telma's infected cornflakes will be shredded and used to fuel furnaces for manufacturing cement."
"Trucks will arrive at the company's factory in the southern city of Arad today to load the 120 tons of Salmonella infected cereal and transport it to a facility in the north. There the boxes of cornflakes - and the 24 massive wooden pallets they were on - will go through a massive shredder."
"The crumbs produced by this process will then be shredded again to make them into smaller granules, and then be transported to various factories and used as fuel for cement furnaces."
"Cement is produced by the heating chalk and other rock to very high temperatures using vary large furnaces. The furnaces are generally powered by regular fuel or refuse produced during food manufacturing."

Salmonella cornflakes saga: 'A worker changed the labels'

August 6, 2016: from Arutz7:

"In late July, 2016, Unilever, which makes cereals such as Telma Cornflakes and Delipecan in Israel, confirmed that one of its production lines had been temporarily decommissioned due to contamination. Upon further questioning and testing, the company revealed it was Salmonella in the cereals.
"The Unilever company is claiming that the reason why contaminants had been found in its "Telma" cornflakes is that a warehouse worker took the bar-code off of one of a batch of uncontaminated cereal, and put it on a contaminated batch, sticking it one top of the code marking it as contaminated and not to be sold."
"Thus, the company claims, a salmonella-infected batch of cereal got through quality control at the factory and was shipped off to retail outlets in the Petah Tikva area."

Telma advises customers to throw away cornflakes

August 4, 2016: from Arutz 7:

"A week after it was revealed that Unilever, the producer of Telma brand cornflakes products, had destroyed tens of thousands of boxes of cereal amid fears of contamination, company officials have advised the public to dispose of any cornflakes not in their original box."
"On Friday, however, Telma issued its own statement, warning consumers not to eat any cornflakes – including the “Kokoman” chocolate-coated cornflakes – whose date and production number cannot be verified, acknowledging that customers were indeed at risk."
"The about-face came following reports that a woman in Petah Tikva had purchased a box of cornflakes produced while the assembly line was contaminated. This despite claims no products from the period in question had reached store shelves."

Unilever Israel says additional cereal contains Salmonella

July 26, 2016: from Barfblog.com:

Unilever Israel published the production codes and dates of the Telma Cornflakes, Cocoman, and Delipecan breakfast cereals were contaminated with salmonella."Unilever Israel insists that the contamination was found in the course of routine testing in the factory and that none of the affected production batches left the plant."

Mystery Solved: Where Have All the Cornflakes Gone?

July 26, 2016: from Hamodia:

Telma in Israel has recalled its latest shipment of cornflakes because salmonella was found in several boxes in the factory during a quality control check.

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End of an Era for Brookline Delicatessen

August 5, 2016: The BostonEater

Brookline, MA kosher restaurant and delicatessen closed on Friday.

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VT Will Not Enforce GMO Labeling Law

August 4, 2016: The SpecialtyFood.com

"Following President Obama's signing into law of the GMO Labeling Bill, Vermont will no longer enforce Act 120, their first-in-the-nation law requiring the labeling of food produced with genetic engineering."
"Under the federal law, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has two years to draft regulations to implement the labeling standard."

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NYC's Last Milk Processing Plant Closing

July 19, 2016: The FoodManufacturing.com

Elmhurst Dairy, Queens, NY, New York City's last milk processing plant is shutting down after nearly a century in operation, putting more than 270 people out of work. "A large part of its business was delivering milk in small cartons to public schools around the Big Apple. The company's website says it supplies milk to 8,300 stores and 1,400 public schools."

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Kashrus alert on Knife Sharpening

July 19, 2016: The cRc

Knives should only be sent for sharpening to stores which do not pose a kashrus concern. The two main concerns are that the sharpening companies tend to wash your kosher knife with other non-kosher knives, and additionally they might switch your knife with an identical non-kosher one.
More information is at www.crcweb.org/kosher_articles/knife_sharpening.php. The cRc has made an arrangement with the Cutco Kitchen retail store located at 3207 W. Lake Avenue, Wilmette, IL that Cutco Knives can be sharpened only at this location,if the consumer:

  1. makes sure their knives are clean before giving them in for sharpening,
  2. marks their knives with some identifying sign or the consumer records the 4-digit item code and the 2-letter year-code engraved on the knife, so that they can verify that the correct knives were returned to them after sharpening.
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Oven Mitts Recalled by Loot Crate Due to Burn Hazard

July 28, 2016: The CPSC

Marvel Thanos Infinity Gauntlet oven mitts have been recalled because the oven mitts lack thermal protection, posing a burn hazard to consumers.
This recall involves the Marvel Thanos Infinity Gauntlet oven mitts. The oven mitt’s outer shell is 100% polyester in primarily a golden yellow color with blue, purple, green, red and black accents. The Marvel logo can be found on the upper center part of the oven mitt. Made in China and UPC code 15129322 are printed on the care label on the inside seams of the oven mitts. The firm has received 241 reports of burn injuries, including reports of the glove melting and burning consumers’ skin.
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled oven mitts, destroy them and contact Loot Crate to receive a replacement product of equal or greater value.
Sold exclusively at www.lootcrate.com as an item included in their May 2016 subscription "Power"-theme box. The subscription was available from April 2016 through May 2016 for about $20.
Consumer Contact: Loot Crate toll-free at 855-456 6827 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or online at www.lootcrate.com and click "Important Oven Mitt Recall" at the top of the page for more information.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W457

Laceration Injuries to Children Prompt Starbucks to Recall Stainless Steel Beverage Straws to Provide New Warnings

August 2, 2016: The CPSC

Starbucks is recalling Stainless Steel Straws because the stainless steel straws are rigid and can poke children in the mouth, posing a risk of injury.
This recall involves reusable stainless steel Cold-to-Go food grade drinking straws in two sizes. The straws were packaged and sold in sets of three and were also sold as a component of two sizes of stainless steel beverage cups: Grande 16-ounce cups and Venti 24-ounce cups. The straws feature a ridge at the bottom that keeps the straw attached to the lid. The Grande straws measure approximately 9.5 inches and the Venti straws measure approximately 10.4 inches.
The firm has received three reports of mouth lacerations to young children while drinking. Remedy
Consumers should not allow children to handle or use the stainless steel straws.
Sold exclusively at Starbucks stores nationwide and online at Starbucks.com from June 2012 through June 2016 for about $6 for a set of three straws. The beverage cups with straws were sold for between $11 and $30.
Consumer Contact: Starbucks at 800-782-7282 from 3 a.m. to Midnight PT daily or online at https://news.starbucks.com com and click on “stainless steel straw warnings” for more information.

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Obama signs bill requiring labeling of GMO foods

July 29, 2016: from The WashingtonPost:

"President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill that will require labeling of genetically modified ingredients for the first time."
"The legislation passed by Congress two weeks ago will require most food packages to carry a text label, a symbol or an electronic code readable by smartphone that indicates whether the food contains genetically modified organisms, or GMOs."
"The Agriculture Department has two years to write the rules, which will pre-empt a Vermont law that kicked in earlier this month."

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Food fraud: Russian-style

July 25, 2016: from Barfblog and MoscowTimes:

"Quality control in Russia’s food sector appears to have broken down. Products are plentiful. But behind the glossy labels, their true contents are a lottery. " "One of the bureaucracies to be thrown out was mandatory certification of food." "Sixty percent of the products tested by Roscontrol are poor quality, unsafe or falsified." "Fraud creates a vicious cycle that pushes down prices and makes it harder for honest producers to stay in business."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: http://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W453

FDA to update rules on vitamin D fortification of plant-based dairy alternatives

July 19, 2016: from Foodnavigator.com

"The FDA is amending the food additive regulations to allow manufacturers to fortify a wider range of plant-based dairy milk alternatives and yogurt alternatives with vitamin D2, and to increase the current permitted levels of vitamin D3 in dairy milk, in response to a petition filed by Dean Foods and WhiteWave Foods."
"Currently, manufacturers are allowed to fortify soy beverages with vitamin D2 at up to 50IU/100g. After the rule change, manufacturers will be able to fortify soy, rice, almond, coconut and other plant-based beverages and yogurt intended as dairy alternatives at levels not to exceed 84IU/100g. They will also be allowed to add up to 84IU/100g of vitamin D3 to dairy milk (the current upper limit is 42IU/100g)." "The daily value for vitamin D - which is important for bone development and general health – is also increasing from 10 mcg to 20 mcg."

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