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Gas One Recalls Propane Adapter Hoses Due to Fire Hazard

August 18, 2021 - from CPSC.

Gas One propane adapter hoses have been recalled because the hose can swell during use causing gas to leak, posing a fire hazard.

This recall involves Gas One 50140 propane adapter hoses which are designed to be used with propane gas tanks. The hoses include the following model numbers: 50140-08, 50140-012, 50140-05GA, 50140. The recalled propane adapter hoses are part of manufacturer batch numbers Pearl River 3Q20 and Pearl River 4Q20 which i s stamped on the hose.

Consumers should immediately stop using the adapter hose and contact Gas One to obtain a free replacement hose.

Sold At: Online at www.amazon.com, www.ebay.com, www.gasone.com www.homedepot.com and www.walmart.com from December 2020 through February 2021, for between $9 and $18.

Consumer Contact: Gas One at 800-698-5070 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, email at info@pricezoneusa.com or online at www.gasone.com and hover over “Read” at the top of page and then click on “News” or at www.gasone.com/pages/contact for more information.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1198

Chicago Rabbinical Council alert on Schach from Home Depot for Sukkot 2021

September 17, 2021 from cRc:

Until 2017, the cRc recommended certain readily available fencing material (commonly sold in Home Depot) to be used for schach and provided detailed instructions on how to place them on the sukkah. However, based on feedback from consumers on the sturdiness of those materials and how they were being used, we stopped issuing those recommendations [and also stopped researching these types of products] because we determined that there is a reasonable chance that some people will end up not having kosher schach for their sukkah.
We suggest that consumers use traditional schach material such as bamboo poles, tree branches, or mats specifically certified for sukkah use.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1197

Agudath Israel Advocacy Continues to Ease Way for Arba Minim

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W751

Ben & Jerry’s Israel to Israel’s Competition Authority: Global Ben & Jerry’s Demand for Boycott Illegal

September 2, 2021 - from Jewish Press

"en & Jerry’s Israel’s fight against the demand made by the global owner of the brand to boycott Judea and Samaria entered a new phase when it submitted an official complaint with Israel’s Competition Authority saying that the conduct of the global brand constitutes a serious violation of the terms of the merger between them and Unilever."

"Unilever, which owns the global Ben & Jerry’s, stated in July that it was ending sales in Israel as 'we believe it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.'"

"'“We have informed our licensee that we will not renew the license agreement when it expires at the end of next year,' the company said."

"Avi Zinger, the Israeli license owner, refused Ben and Jerry’s demand to withdraw his sales from Judea and Samaria."

"AQP, the Israeli company that has the franchise to distribute Ben & Jerry’s products in Israel, has, through Adv. Dr. Dori Klagsbald approached Acting Antitrust Commissioner Michal Cohen with a formal complaint alleging a blatant violation of the Competition Authority’s 2000 guidelines for a merger between Unilever, the controlling owner of Strauss Ice Cream, and Ben & Jerry’s Global."

"Under the terms of the merger, it was determined that no action would be taken to reduce the scope of the sale of Ben & Jerry’s products in Israel, out of fear that the food giant might act to reduce competition in the market in favor of Strauss Ice Cream."

"It was further stipulated in the terms of the merger that Unilever will have no right to determine for the Israeli Ben & Jerry’s franchisee the terms of marketing of its products in Israel."

"The official complaint is another stage in AQP’s struggle to keep the franchise in its hands and is appealing to the Competition Authority to intervene and demand compliance with the merger guidelines, and to cancel Ben & Jerry’s global demand from the Israeli franchisee not to distribute and market the brand’s products in Judea and Samaria."

"Several US states have launched a probe against Unilever to determine if its boycott of Israel was a breach of their anti-boycott laws."

"Over 30 US states have laws that prohibit it from contracting with companies that boycott Israel or are connected to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1196

TJX Recalls Counter Stools Due to Fall and Injury Hazards; Sold at HomeGoods and Homesense Stores

August 18, 2021 - from CPSC.

Swivel Counter Stools can break or collapse, posing fall and injury hazards.

This recall involves swivel counter stools with wooden legs and fabric backrests with rivet trim around the seat. The stools were sold in gray faux leather, and light gray, dark gray and blue/cream herringbone fabrics. The stools measure approximately 36 inches to the top of the backrest, and the seat height is approximately 25.5 inches from the floor. One of the following style numbers is printed on the product hang tag: 61057, 61063, 61064, 62332, 65129, 65130, 66413, 66414. A label printed with “CHINA” is attached to the bottom of the seat.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled counter stools and return them to any HomeGoods or Homesense store for their choice of either a full refund or store gift card.

TJX has received 20 reports of stools breaking in which consumers fell, including 17 reports of minor injuries.

Consumer Contact: HomeGoods at 800-888-0776 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at swww.homegoods.com , and click on “Customer Service” at the bottom of the page, and Homesense toll-free at 855-660-4663 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at www.homesense.com, and click on “Customer Service” at the bottom of the page.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1195

Does The Miyoko’s Creamery Lawsuit Verdict Spell The End of Plant-Based Labelling Restrictions?

August 23, 2020 from the Vegconomist

"Almost two years ago, the California Department of Food and Agriculture ordered Miyoko’s Creamery to stop using terms like “butter” and “lactose-free” on its product packaging. But it had targeted the wrong company."

"Reluctant to change its packaging at great expense, Miyoko’s filed a lawsuit claiming that the restrictions violated its First Amendment rights. Last week, the case was finally resolved, with Judge Richard Seeborg agreeing that Miyoko could continue to use the terms “butter”, “lactose-free”, and “cruelty-free” — though it would no longer be able to label its products as “hormone-free”."

"The verdict is a huge victory for Miyoko’s, but for many, it isn’t just about one company — as founder and CEO Miyoko Schinner says, it could “set a precedent”. This is important because as plant-based products continue to take market share from their animal counterparts, the meat and dairy industries in many countries have reacted by attempting to restrict plant-based product labelling."

"Perhaps the most notorious was the European dairy lobby’s rejected Amendment 171, which would have created such severe restrictions for plant milks that many labelled it “censorship”. The EU also voted down a ban that would have prevented alt-meat producers from using terms like “sausage” and “burger”. In the US last year, Virginia’s governor vetoed a bill that would have banned alt-dairy producers from using the word “milk”."

Vegan Dairy Brand Miyoko's Allowed To Use 'Butter' Label After Winning Legal Battle

August 23, 2020 from the Plant Based News

"Vegan dairy brand Miyoko's has been granted permission by the United States District Court Northern District of California to use the terms 'butter', 'cruelty-free', and 'lactose-free' when labeling its products."

"The ruling follows a legal battle between plaintiff Miyoko's Kitchen and defendants Karen Ross (from the California Department of Food Agriculture) and Stephen Beam (in his capacity as Milk and Dairy Food Safety Branch Chief). "

"The Motion for Preliminary Injunction also states Miyoko's can not use labels such as 'hormone-free' or 'Revolutionizing Dairy with Plants' - as previously used on its website."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1076

Two Million Dehumidifiers With Well-Known Brand Names Recalled Due to Fire and Burn Hazards; Manufactured by New Widetech

August 4, 2021 - from CPSC in conjunction with Healthy Canadians and Gobierno de México

This recall involves 25-, 30-, 35-, 45-, 50-, 60-, 65-, 70-, and 74-pint dehumidifiers, manufactured before September 1, 2017, with the brand names including AeonAir, Amana, ArcticAire (Danby), Classic (Danby / Home Hardware Stores), Commercial Cool, Danby, Danby Designer, Danby Premiere, De’Longhi, Edgestar, Friedrich, Generations (Danby), Haier, Honeywell (JMATEK / AirTek), Idylis, Ivation, perfect aire, SuperClima, Whirlpool, and Whynter. The brand name, model number, and pint capacity are printed on the nameplate sticker on the back of the dehumidifier.

Consumer Contact: Contact New Widetech toll-free at 877-251-1512 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at www.recallrtr.com/nwtdehumidifier or http://www.newwidetech.com/en/ and click on “Recall Information” at the bottom of the page for more information.

A full list of the recalled products and pictures are here.

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1194

Think you're buying snapper? Not so fast. New report finds nearly half of seafood samples mislabelled

August 5, 2021 - from the Montreal Gazette:

"When it comes to seafood, nearly half of what you think you’re buying at the grocery store or ordering from a menu is falling short of its promises, according to a new DNA testing study by Oceana Canada. The ocean conservation group tested seafood samples from restaurants and grocery stores in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto, and found that 46 per cent were mislabelled."

"Seafood is one of the most highly traded products in the world with a lengthy and complex supply chain. In Canada, upwards of 80 per cent of seafood is imported, and most of what we produce is exported. The opacity of the global industry is one of the main reasons seafood is so prone to fraud and mislabelling. There are a multitude of species coming from all over the world, and mislabelling happens throughout the supply chain."

"Mislabelling rates are higher among restaurants than retailers, the report found: 6.5 per cent at stores versus 65 per cent in food service. This is consistent with other studies, explains Sayara Thurston, seafood fraud campaigner at Oceana Canada. Large retailers tend to have more control over their supply chains and the purchasing power to set their own requirements. But even the highly attuned eye is unlikely to pick up on species substitution and mislabelling. Retailers, restaurateurs and consumers are all victims of seafood fraud."

"The mislabelling rate has dropped by just one percentage point since Oceana Canada’s analysis of 472 samples between 2017 and 2019: 47 per cent versus 46 per cent (43 out of 94) in spring 2021. In 2019, the government announced a 'boat-to-plate' traceability program, which has yet to be implemented — making the stagnant results unsurprising, says Thurston."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1193

Taiwan to open first-ever Jewish community center

July 28, 2021 - from the i24:

"Taiwan's Jewish community announced Wednesday that its first congregation center is expected to open by the end of the year."

"Construction of the Jeffrey D. Schwartz Jewish Community Center in Taiwan began in 2020 and is expected to be completed by December 2021."

"The $16 million complex will include a synagogue with a capacity of over 100 seats, a mikvah or ritual bath, and Taiwan's first kosher restaurant."

"It will also include a banquet hall that can hold 300 people, a kindergarten and classrooms for adult education programs, a library, spaces for group and individual study, and a courtyard for students’ outdoor events."

"Until now, the Jewish community has operated mainly from two rented spaces in downtown Taipei - a Chabad movement house and a small office."

"Rabbi Shlomi Tabib arrived in Taipei with his wife and family in 2011 and opened a Sunday school religious program."

"According to community spokesperson Glenn Leibowitz, who has lived in Taiwan for 30 years, the island has around 700 to 800 Jews, half of whom are active members of the community involved in Shabbat meals and services, Jewish holidays, and other events."

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1192

Letter from the Kof-K regarding Ben & Jerry's new anti-Israel policy

July 26, 2021 - from the Kof-K:

The previous item can be cited with the URL: https://www.kashrut.com/News/?alert=W1191
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